How do I gain permission to use L&LRC services?

All research services and computer passwords are available to anyone who can demonstrate a tie to a THI program or professional staff member. Borrowing privileges are limited to THI staff, THI professional staff, and residents and fellows in programs that are 1 year or longer. After-hours access to the computer lab (Learning Resource Center) can be granted to those eligible for borrowing, but it must be requested.

Is the L&LRC open to the public?

Our books, journals, and study spaces are available to the public during opening hours. Please note that food is not allowed in those areas, and all drinks must have lids.

How do I view a list of available journals, books and other items?

Visit the THI Library Catalog to find the book or other item you are looking for.  Contact us if you are unable to locate the resource you need.

THI offers a limited number of online journals. They are listed in the catalog LINK. For more electronic resources, please use your affiliation with BCM or UTHealth to set up an account with the TMC Library. Call us if you have any questions about setting up or using electronic access through the TMC Library.

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What classes do you offer?

Please see our classes page for a full list of classes in the current rotation. See the events listing for scheduled class dates.

Call us to set up an on-demand class or discuss your specific training needs. In the past, we have developed classes in Outlook, Mendeley, Library Essentials for Admin Assistants, Scopus and Embase, Google Scholar, IACUC protocol searching, CV updating tips, and more. We can also point you to online tutorials for most research tools and software.

Do you offer volunteer opportunities?

Yes. There are always projects that would benefit from additional hands and minds. We especially welcome library students to consider doing a practicum with us.

Can anyone reserve space in the L&LRC for special events?

No. We limit the use of our training room to Texas Heart Institute staff requests only. All other spaces in our suite are either public or occupied offices.

What can I do to get my THI website publications list updated?

We update the THI Collected Papers on a monthly basis. This information gets added to your profile on the THI website. If there are problems with the publications list on your profile page, please contact the manager with your changes. We also offer help with other researcher profiles such as ORCiD, SciENcv, and Google Scholar.

Can I check out books or videos to use at home or in my office?

Circulation privileges are for THI professional staff, THI staff, and fellows and residents in THI programs.
Circulation is one week at a time and can be renewed for up to a month. There is a checkout limit of three items at one time.

What software and equipment are available in the Learning Resource Center (Computer Lab)?

MS Office
Internet access
Adobe Acrobat Pro
Document scanners
VHS players
DVD players

What should I do with all these books from my office that I no longer need?

We can take any books that are in decent condition. If we find that we do not need some of the books for our collection, we will resell or recycle them.

Do you offer study space?

Yes! We have quiet study carrels in our library and collaborative study spaces in our computer lab. We do not have any study rooms. Anyone is welcome to use our study areas during business hours.

Do you offer board preparation materials?

Yes. We have a collection of board prep books with self-tests. We also have a collection of board prep lectures on DVD. Ask at the front desk.

Do you offer news services?

Yes. We follow cardiology-related news and post the best stories on our “News Beats” bulletin board in the LRC. We also post news stories to the Texas Heart Institute Twitter feed. Follow us at @heartlibrary. If you would like a customized report, we can provide regular summaries of news on your topic of interest.