Texas Heart Institute is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) to provide continuing medical education for physicians. All continuing medical education activities accredited by Texas Heart Institute are in compliance with the ACCME Essential Areas and Elements and the ACCME Standards for Commercial Support.

For information pertaining to program directors, faculty, and commercial supporters and exhibitors, please use the following resources.

Program Directors

The practice of continuing medical education at Texas Heart Institute is physician driven. The role of the Office of Continuing Medical Education is to guide the physician program director through the planning, implementation and evaluation of all continuing medical education activities accredited by Texas Heart Institute. These resources will help directors successfully execute their respective programs.


We ask all speakers that participate in Texas Heart Institute symposia to complete and submit information and disclosure forms. Guidelines have also been developed to outline presentation requirements, tips and faculty responsibilities.


We recognize that your participation in a Texas Heart Institute activity is a vital part of your firm’s marketing program, and we want to do everything possible to make it rewarding for you. When participating at Texas Heart Institute, exhibitors are to meet ACCME Standards for Commercial Support. Please review the resources here for further information.

Commercial Supporters

We welcome financial assistance and support from external organizations, which helps Texas Heart Institute provide important CME activities each year. Texas Heart Institute adheres to the ACCME Standards for Commercial Support. Learn more by visiting the site below.