Latest AI Advances in Cardiovascular Medicine | Virtual Event | Feb 25, 2021

The Texas Heart Institute is leading several digital research and education initiatives across the institution and partnering with societies around the world to share progress in the field. This year, in honor of American Heart Month, the Texas Heart Institute is proud to partner with the Houston Chapter of the International Society for Endovascular Specialists (ISEVS) on a special event dedicated to advances in artificial intelligence for cardiovascular medicine.

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6:00-6:15 PM |Welcome Alan Lumsden, MD ISEVS President & Zvonimir Krajcer, MD ISEVS Houston Chapter President
6:15-6:25  | Digital Cardiology and Wearable Devices | Tony Das, MD
6:25-6:35  | AI in Electrophysiology | Mehdi Razavi, MD
6:35-6:45  | AI in Echocardiography |  Stephanie Coulter, MD
6:45-6:55 | Latest Advances in AI in Imaging | Zvonimir Krajcer, MD
6:55-7:05 | Robotics in CVM | Alan Lumsden, MD
7:05-7:35 | Panel Discussion | Alan Lumsden, MD, Zvonimir Krajcer, MD

Production Team: Visual Communications Team

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