Are Artificial Sweeteners Putting Your Heart Health at Risk?

A new study published in The BMJ journal has reported that artificial sweeteners could be more harmful to your heart health.  Texas Heart Institute’s Dr. Alex Postalian reviewed the study and weighs in. 

Read Using Artificial Sweeteners May Raise the Risk of Heart Disease, Study Shows Health


Dr. Postalian is a cardiologist at the Texas Heart Institute, acting as a member of the teaching staff for the Institute’s cardiovascular disease training programs. Dr. Postalian specializes in coronary, peripheral vascular, and structural/valvular heart disease intervention. His specific clinical and research areas of interest include cardiovascular disease prevention – including complex lipid disorder management, state-of-the-art coronary intervention guided by intravascular imaging and flow assessment, next-day discharge transcatheter aortic valve replacement, and minimally invasive abdominal aortic aneurysm treatment. Dr. Postalian has completed board certification examinations in Cardiovascular Diseases, Interventional Cardiology, Echocardiography, Nuclear Cardiology, and Internal Medicine. Connect with Dr. Postalian @APostalian