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Regenerative Medicine Research
Regenerative Medicine Research
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 James T. Willerson, MD
"Dr. Taylor is certainly one of the stars in the adult human stem cell field, and we feel extremely fortunate to have her on our team. Her work fits very well with our mission and goals, and she certainly helps to solidify THI as a leader in cell therapy, which is one of the most promising hopes for treating cardiovascular disease."
 – James T. Willerson, MD, President, Texas Heart Institute

Dr. Doris Taylor, Director, Regenerative Medicine Research at Texas Heart Institute, explains how the body repairs itself with its own stem cells. Scientists and physicians are gaining a better understanding of the difference in how this process works in men and women.

Dr. Doris Taylor is involved in both laboratory and clinical studies using cell therapy to treat disease. Almost 5 million Americans are living with heart failure and more than half a million new cases are diagnosed annually. Almost 50,000 people die each year while awaiting a heart transplant and, for a decade or more, only about 2,200 heart transplants have been performed in the entire United States. The need is dwarfed by the availability of donor organs.

This is one of the reasons there is such hope placed in the promising field of regenerative medicine. The groundbreaking work of Dr. Taylor and her team has demonstrated the ability in the lab to strip organs, including the heart, of their cellular make-up leaving a decellularized "scaffold." The  heart can then be re-seeded with cells that, when supplied with blood and oxygen, regenerate the scaffold into a functioning heart. Dr. Taylor calls this using nature's platform to create a bioartificial heart.

The hope is that this research is an early step toward being able to grow a fully functional human heart in the laboratory. Dr. Taylor has demonstrated that the process works for other organs as well, such as kidney, pancreas, lung, and liver where she has already tested the same approach—opening a door in the field of organ transplantation.

Areas of Research

  • Cell and gene therapy for treatment of cardiovascular disease
  • Regenerative Medicine
  • Cell Profiling
  • Tissue engineering of bioartificial organs and vasculature
  • Programming and reprogramming: CV and HSC Fate
  • Cell-based prevention of disease
  • Stem cells and cancer
  • Aging as a failure of stem cells
  • Sex differences in cardiac and vascular cell-based therapies
  • Autologous stem cells

Contact Information and Location

The Regenerative Medicine Research facilities are located at the Texas Heart Institute at CHI St. Luke’s Health - Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center at the Texas Medical Center—the Denton A. Cooley Building. Click here for detailed directions including maps.

Street Address
6770 Bertner 
Houston, TX  77030

Mailing Address
MC 2-255
PO Box 20345
Houston, TX  77225-0345


Updated May 2015
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