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View a video about stem cell research at Texas Heart Institute.
View a video about stem cell research at Texas Heart Institute.

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Clinical Trials for Patients with Peripheral Arterial or Vascular Disease

Physician consulting with a patient in the Stem Cell Center clinic.The Stem Cell Center of the Texas Heart Institute at St. Luke’s Medical Center in Houston, Texas is actively recruiting patients for an FDA-approved clinical study investigating the effects of injecting bone marrow derived stem cells directly into the leg muscle of patients with peripheral arterial disease (PAD).

Peripheral vascular disease results from blockages in arteries and veins that serve the muscles and tissues of the legs. If there are severe blockages, patients may develop severe pain in their leg muscles when walking (claudication), and at rest. Lack of or no blood flow to the legs can lead to non-healing wounds, ulceration, and limb loss.

Main Inclusion Criteria

  1. PAD and claudication (exercise-induced pain, cramps, fatigue, or other equivalent discomfort involving large muscle groups of the legs that is consistently relieved by rest) or atypical leg pain  (exertional leg pain that does not begin at rest or does not resolve consistently with rest)
  2. Age 40 years or older
  3. Resting ankle-brachial index less than 0.90
  4. Presence of at least 50% stenosis (blockage) of arteries in the affected leg as documented by ultrasound, lower extremity computed tomography angiography (CTA), lower extremity magnetic resonance angiography (MRA), or lower extremity catheter-based contrast arteriography

Many factors are considered before enrolling patients into a research study and enrollment varies according to inclusion and exclusion criteria. 

Enrollment Information

If you are a patient and wish to be considered for enrollment in a trial, please call us toll free at 1-866-924-STEM (7836) or complete our secure online Patient Information Form

If you are a physician and would like to refer a patient for consideration, please contact a study coordinator at 832-355-9405. 

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