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Regenerative Medicine Research
Regenerative Medicine Research
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Upcoming Speaking Engagement

  • Fifth Annual Symposium on Risk, Diagnosis and Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease in Women Prevention & Treatment of Heart Disease & Stroke (December 13, 2014) “Women and Medical Research: Our Biology and New Directions and National Initiatives for Risk Evaluation, Prevention & Treatment” Houston, TX.


  • 7th International Meeting on Biotechnology BioSpain 2014 (September 26, 2014) “Promises, Progress, Obstacles, and Opportunities in Organogenesis” Santiago de Compostela Spain.
  • 11th International Symposium on Stem Cell Therapy and Cardiovascular Innovations (May 29, 2014) “Role of Cadaveric Scaffolds in Advanced Cardiac Disease” Madrid, Spain.
  • Canadian Society of Transplantation Annual Scientific Meeting (February 2014) “Advances in Cellular Therapies for Organ Repair and Regeneration” Montreal, Quebec.
  • Canadian Society of Transplantation Annual Scientific Meeting (February 2014) “Regenerating Hearts” Montreal, Quebec.
  • International Symposium, The 4rd School for Young Scientists “Tissue and Organ’ Regeneration” (December 2013) “Cells for Prevention Treatment and Cure of CVD? How Long Will it Take What Can We Learn Along the Way?”  Krasnodar, Russia.
  • Transforming Transplantation The Expert Summit 2013 (November 2013) “Workshop 7 Stem Cell Technology or Artificial Organs:  Which Route Promises the Most Hope for the Future?” Madrid, Spain.
  • Top Ten in Cardiology, Second Edition (October 2013) “Cardiac Regeneration: Evidence Based Hopes and Solid Achievements.”  Lausanne, Switzerland.
  • 10th International Symposium on Stem Cell Therapy and Cardiovascular Innovation (June 2013) “Pitfalls of Cardiac Stem Cell Therapy. The Emergent Role of Tissue Engineering and Organ Manufacturing.” Madrid, Spain.
  • ESC Congress 2012 (August 2012) “Complete Cardiac Regeneration from Stem Cells: When Will We Get There?” Munich, Germany.
  • 2nd National Congress of the Spanish Society of Transplantation (June 2012) “Rebuilding of Autologous Organs.” Madrid, Spain.
  • British Pharmacological Society Stem Cells: Pharmacology and Therapeutics Meeting (December 2011) "Engineering Cell Based Solutions for Cardiovascular Diseases" London, UK.
  • Annual Research Day in Transplantation, (December 2011) "Bioartificial Organss: cure for the 21st Century" Toronto, Canada.
  • British Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation (April 2011) "Building Matrix Based Solutions for Disease: An Update" Bristol, UK.
  • International Congress of Transplantation (August 2010) "Innovations in Regenerative Medicine" & "Advances in Regenerative Biology and Biogenesis." Vancouver, Canada.
  • Frontiers in Cardiovascular Biology (July 2010) "Estrogen Effects in Stem Cell Function." Berlin, Germany.
  • 4th Congress of the International Society for Gender in Medicine (November 2009) "Sex and Estrogens in Stem Cell Function." Berlin, Germany.
  • Organization for the Study of Sex Differences 2009 Annual Meeting (June 2009) "Sex-based differences in vascular repair with stem cells." Toronto, Canada.
  • The First EACTS meeting on Cardio-Thoracic Regeneration (November 2008) "Are Bioartificial Organs A Piece of the future?" Bern, Switzerland.
  • EACTS-Technology College (September 2008) "Mechanical Circulatory Support" Lisbon, Portugal.
  • Heart Failure Society 12th Annual Scientific Meeting (September 2008) "The Bioartificial Heart" Toronto, Canada.
  • Stem Cell Therapy for the Failing Heart (December 2006) "Cell Therapy for Heart Failure: Muscle, Bone Marrow, Blood, and Cardiac-Derived Stem Cells"  "Update Results of Skeletal Myoblast Transplantation", Bangkok, Thailand.
  • The 11th Congress of the International Society for Peritoneal Dialysis (ISPD 2006) (August 2006) "Stem Cell Therapies: A View from the Trenches and Implications for PD Patients", Hong Kong.
  • Society of Nuclear Medicine 52nd Annual Meeting (June 2005) "Overview of Cardiac Stem Cells." Toronto, Ontario Canada.
  • ISHLT 23rd Annual Meeting and Scientific Sessions (April 2003) "Heart Failure: Who Needs Drugs Anyway?" Vienna, Austria.
  • European Society of Cardiology (September 2002) "From Small To Large Animals: Models For Functional Evaluation Of Cell Transplantation." Berlin, Germany.
  • Paris Course on Revascularization, (May 2001) Paris, France.
  • International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation, (March 2001) Plenary Lecture, Vancouver British Columbia, Canada.
  • 4th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Japanese Heart Failure Society, (October 2000) "The Status of Transplanting Cells for Cardiac Repair." Tokyo, Japan.  
  • International Society of Heart Research, (1995) North American Session XVII Annual Sessions, "Myoblast Transfer and Myoblast Mediated Gene Therapy in Rabbits."


  • Annual Lois Ellison Lectureship Medical College of Georgia (November 5, 2014) “Building Regenerative
    Medicine Solutions for Cardiovascular Disease: Where are we Today?”
    Augusta, GA
  • Inaugural Gulf Coast Consortia for Quantitative Biomedical Sciences Fall Regenerative Medicine Symposium (October 3, 2014) “Moderator” Houston, TX
  • National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute Sex Bias in Cardiovascular Research Working Group (September 22, 2014) “Bioengineering Organs and Tissues: Sex Differences” Bethesda, MD
  • MD Anderson Cancer Center- Stem Cell and Developmental Biology Center Retreat on Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine Meeting (September 20, 2014) “Stem Cell Funding in Texas” Houston, TX
  • BioHouston Breakfast Forum (September 16, 2014) Houston, TX
  • International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation 34th Annual and Scientific Sessions (April 10, 2014), "Stem Cells: Which Patients, Which Methods," and "Stem Cells: A Translational Science Primer," San Diego, CA
  • Congenital Cardiac Anesthesia Society Annual Meeting (March 2014) “Creation of a New Heart:  Science or Fiction?” Ft. Lauderdale, FL.
  • AHA’s Scientific Sessions 2013 (November 2013) “Recellularized Tissues (Control#: 6283)” Dallas, TX.
  • AHA’s Scientific Sessions 2013 (November 2013) “Cell and Tissue Engineering Therapies for Heart Failure" (Poster Professor). Dallas, TX.
  • AHA’s Scientific Sessions 2013 (November 2013) “Matrix as a Mediator of Cardiac Myogenesis: Driving in Vivo Repair (Control#: 4085).” Dallas, TX.
  • 24th Annual North American Menopause Society (October 2013) “Sex Differences in Cardiovascular Disease and Repair.” Dallas, TX.
  • Cell Society 3rd Annual Clinical Meeting A Course in Regenerative Medicine (September 2013) “Building Cardiovascular Solutions for Transplantation.” Coronado, CA.
  • Cell Society 3rd Annual Clinical Meeting A Course in Regenerative Medicine (September 2013) “Moderator Panel: Revamping Phase II Trial Design: How Should It End?” Coronado, CA.
  • Cell Society 3rd Annual Clinical Meeting A Course in Regenerative Medicine (September 2013) “Moderator Panel: Are Any Regenerative Cell Therapies Ready for Clinical Use?” Coronado, CA.
  • National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute Bio-Artificial Heart Working Group (May 2013) “Bio-Artificial Heart Where Are We Now.” Bethesda, MD.
  • American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy 16th Annual Meeting (May 2013) “Personalizing Cell Therapy: Initial CCTRN experience.” Salt Lake City, Utah
  • ARM Annual Dinner and Legislative Fly-in (May 2013) “The Heart of Discovery.” Washington, DC.
  • Experimental Biology (April 2013) “Cell Based Solutions for Cardiovascular Disease.” Boston, MA.
  • THI Future Direction of Stem Cells in Cardiovascular Disease (March 2013) “Regenerating Heart: How Long Will it Take.” San Francisco, CA.
  • AAAS 2013 Annual Meeting (February 2013) “Discussant - Stem Cells Based Bioartificial Tissues and Organs.” Boston, MA.
  • 8th World Stem Cell Summit (December 2012) “Stem Cell Science - Bioengineering and Disease Correction.” West Palm Beach, FL.
  • 2012 AHA Scientific Sessions (November 2012) “Bench to Bedside Translation of Cell Therapy for Heart Failure.” Los Angeles, CA.
  • AHA/DeHaan Cardiac Myogenesis Research Centers Annual Center Network Meeting (November 2012) “Update on matrix as a test bed and therapeutic.” Los Angeles, CA.
  • AHA/DeHaan Cardiac Myogenesis Research Centers Annual Center Network Meeting (November 2012) “Summary of Scientific Retreat, Exhibit 3.” Los Angeles, CA.
  • Future Direction of Stem Cells in Cardiovascular Disease (November 2012) “Building Autologous Biologic Solutions for Injured Heart.” Los Angeles, CA.
  • CCTRN Steering Committee Meeting (October 2012) “Biorepository Progress and Future Directions.”  Miami, 11th NJ Symposium on Biomaterials Science (October 2012) “Decellularized Tissues and Organs as Bioactive Materials.” New Brunswick, NJ.
  • Controversies and Advances in the Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease (September 2012) “Organ Engineering.” Beverly Hills, CA.
  • Mayo Biological Valve Symposium (September 2012) “Role of Decellularization in Bioengineering.” Rochester, MN.
  • Basic Cardiovascular Sciences 2012 Scientific Sessions (BCVS 2012) (July 2012) “Re-celluarization of Hearts.” New Orleans, LA.
  • New York Cardiovascular Symposium (December 2011) "Stem Cell based Heart Replacement Status of the Taylor Heart" New York, NY.
  • American Heart Association (November 2011) "Building Vascularized Myocardium" Orlando, FL
  • American Physiological Society Conference (October 2011) "From Stem Cells and Cadaveric Matrix to Engineered Organs" Jackson, MS
  • NIH Critical Makers of Disease 9th Annual Biomarkers Meeting (September 2011) "From Stem Cells and Cadaveric Matrix to Engineered Organs" White Oak, MD
  • American Association for Clinical Chemistry Annual Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo. Plenary Session (July 2011) "Stem Cells, Decellularization and the Future of Building Organs" Atlanta, GA
  • Gordon Research Conferences, Assisted Circulation (June 2011) "Engineering Functional Complex Human Tissues and Organs: Can we Rise to the Challenge of Building Human Hearts?" Waterville Valley, NH
  • Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists (May 2011) "Is it Possible to Create a New Heart?" Savannah, GA
  • American Transplant Congress "Rebuilding Autologous Organs: Cells, Scaffold, Organ" (May 2011) Philadelphia, PA
  • Heart Rhythm Society "New Approaches to Cardiac Regeneration: Engineering a Bioartificial Heart" (May 2011) San Francisco, CA
  • 8th International Symposium on Engineering Tissues and Organs "Complex Organ Matrix: It's Role in Organogenesis" (May 2011) Ann Arbor, MI
  • American College of Cardiology ACC.11 & i2 Summit/Scientific Sessions "Insights and New Directions in Cellular Therapy and Tissue Engineering" and "Building Solutions for Cardiovascular Disease: An Update" (April 2011) New Orleans, LA
  • International Society for Heart & Lung Transplant "Is There a Future for Engineered Heart and Lung" (April 2011) San Diego, CA
  • Loyola University Seminar Series (March 2011) "Building Solutions for Cardiovascular Repair: Where are we in 2011?" Chicago, IL
  • Keystone Symposia (February 2011) "Cells, Molecules and Matrix: New Tools for Regeneration" Keystone, CO
  • Mayo Transplant Grand Rounds (January 2011) "Organ matrix as a tool for engineering transplantable organs" Rochester, MN
  • American Heart Association Scientific Sessions 2010 (November 2010) "Update on Tissue Engineering: What's Growing?" Chicago, IL
  • American Heart Association Scientific Sessions 2010 (November 2010) "Heart Failure: Emerging Imaging Modalities, Strategies and Therapies." Chicago, IL
  • FDA Regenerative Medicine Seminar Series (November 2010) "Strategies for Cardiac Regeneration." Silver Spring, MD
  • Heart Failure Society 14th Annual Scientific Meeting (September 2010) "Decellularized Natural Matrix for Cardiac Organ Engineering." San Diego, CA
  • Texas Children's Hospital (February 2010) "New Hearts from Old Cells: Building Bioartificial Hearts." Houston, TX
  • Keystone Symposia (February 2010) "Cardiovascular Development and Repair." Keystone, CO
  • American Heart Association Scientific Sessions 2009 (October 2009) "Translational Science: Biorepositories." Orlando, FL
  • Texas Heart Institute (October 2009) "Cells for the Treatment, Prevention and Cure of Cardiovascular Disease." Orlando, FL
  • 1st Annual Cell Therapy Industry Summit (October 2009) "Expanding your business with novel cell therapy platforms." Carlsbad, CA
  • Baylor University Medical Center. Organ Transplantation: Visions of the Past, Present, and Future. Conversations With Organ Transplant Luminaries, (October 2009) "Regenerative Medicine: Growing Livers and Beyond." Dallas, TX
  • Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics Conference (September 2009) "Tissue Constructs and Resident Stem Cells" San Francisco, CA
  • World Stem Cells Summit (September 2009) "Molecular Cardiology Breakthroughs." Baltimore, MD
  • Gordon Research Conference (September 2009) "Bio-artificial Recovery." Waterville, NH.
  • International Liver Transplant Society "Growing Livers and Regenerative Medicine: Stems Cells and Beyond." New York, NY
  • Wisconsin Student Choice (May 2009) "Cells for the Prevention, Treatment, and Cure of Cardiovascular Disease." Milwaukee, WI
  • Texas Heart ACC (March 2009) "Cells for the Treatment, Prevention and Cure of Cardiovascular Disease." Orlando, FL
  • Future Direction of Stem Cells in Cardiovascular Disease (November 2008) Satellite Conference at the American Heart Association "Tissue Engineered Myocardium." New Orleans, LA
  • Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics Conference (October 2008) "Gender Matters: Sex Based Differences in Cardiovascular repair with Bone Marrow Cell Therapy." Washington DC
  • UCLA Conference on Aging (June 2008) "Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine." Los Angeles, CA
  • ASAIO (June 2008) "Cardiac TE Step 1: Using Nature's Platform to Engineer a Bioartificial Heart." San Francisco, CA
  • Meharry Medical College (May 2008) "Cell Therapy: A 21st Century Tool For Cardiovascular Disease." Nashville, TN
  • Georgia Tech-Emory University (January 2008) "Sex Differences in Cell Therapy for Vascular Disease" and "Using Cells to Prevent, Treat, and Cure Cardiovascular Disease." Atlanta, GA
  • American Heart Association Scientific Sessions 2007, (November 2007) Cardiovascular Seminar – Tissue Engineering Therapy for Cardiovascular Disease; "The Myocardial Patch for Injured Myocardium." Orlando, FL
  • Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics (TCT), Molecular Cardiology Breakthroughs: Cell Therapy and Angiogenesis (October 2007) "Endogenous Cardiac Progenitor Cells." Washington, DC
  • Gordon Research Conference on Assisted Circulation (August 2007) Mechanical Circulatory Support Big Sky, MT. Stanford Cardiovascular Institute (July 2007) "Progenitor cells in heart and vasculature: emerging tools in endogenous repair" and Cardiovascular Grand Rounds lecture, "Cell therapy for CVD: from prevention to cure?" Stanford University, Stanford, CA
  • AHA, American Heart Association's 4th Symposium on the Burden of Atherothrombotic Disease: Diagnosis and Therapy (June 2007) "The relationship between gender and cells in atherosclerosis protection." New York, NY
  • Bio 2007 International Convention (May 2007) Panel presentation: "Stem Cells and Therapeutics – Business Case, Patent Issues and Competitive Strategies."  Boston, MA
  • Cardiovascular Revascularization Therapies (CRT) 2007 Science (April 2007) "Creating an Autologous Bioartificial Whole Heart with Stem Cells" and "Reversal of Atherosclerosis with Stem Cell Therapy." Arlington, VA
  • American College Cardiology 56th Annual Scientific Session (March 2007) "Human Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy." New Orleans, LA
  • University of Miami (January 2007) "Stem Cells and CVD: From Vascular Repair to Organ Regeneration." Miami, FL
  • The 5th Gene Therapy Gene Symposium (November 2006) "Treating the Continuum of CVD: From Cell-Based Prevention to Cardiac Regeneration." Durham, NC
  • Science Innovation Synergy (SIS) (July 2006) "Intrinsic Mechanisms of Vascular Repair." Bellevue, WA
  • Oregon Chapter of the American College of Cardiology (May 2006) "Stem Cell Therapy for Congestive Heart Failure – Is this the future, and if so, when?" Portland, OR
  • 20th Annual Interventional Cardiology 2005 (March 2005) "Cell Therapy – Sorting it All Out." Snowmass, CO
  • NIH Biomedical Imaging Research Opportunities Workshop III (March 2005) "Imaging Stem Cell Trafficking - Physiological Perspective." Bethesda, MD
  • ACC American College of Cardiology Foundation 54th Annual Scientific Session (March 2005) "Cells Lines and Genes: What Is Most Promising? Myoblasts." Orlando, FL
  • Tissue Engineering International Congress XVIII (February 2005) "Skeletal Myoblast Preclinical studies: Safety & Efficacy, Myoblast Versus Bone Marrow." Scottsdale, AZ
  • Cell Transplant Society 7th Congress (November 2004) "Skeletal Myoblast Rx." Boston, MA
  • Sarnoff Endowment (May 2003) "Cell Therapy for Vascular Injury: Will it Work?" Washington, DC. Heart Failure Society of America (September 2002) "Why Grafting Works (Is Myogenesis Required?)." Boca Raton, FL
  • International Academy of Cardiology (July 2002) "Myoblast Therapy for Cardiac Repair: The State of the State." Washington, DC
  • American College of Cardiology Fiesta, (April 2002) "Skeletal Muscle Cell Implants: Current Clinical Results and New Trials." San Antonio, TX
  • International Society of Heart and Lung Transplantation, (April 2002) "The Use of Autologous Skeletal Myoblasts and Marrow Derived Stem Cells for Myocardial Regeneration and Repair." Washington, DC
  • Scientific Sessions of the American Heart Association, (November 2001) "Genetically Engineered Myoblasts Survive Allogeneic Transplant into Myocardium." Anaheim, CA
  • NIH BECON Conference, (July 2001) In Vivo Remodeling Panel. Bethesda, MD. Techvest LLC Second Annual Tissue Repair Conference, (November 2000) New York, NY
  • Medical Data International Conference Biomaterials of the Future, (2000) "Cells as the Ultimate Biomaterial for Cardiac Repair."
  • NHLBI Cell Transplantation Workshop: Future Therapeutics for Cardiovascular Disease, (August 1998).
  • 69th Annual Scientific Sessions American Heart Association, (November 1996) "Myogenic Cell Transplantation Improves Regional Performance in Infarcted Rabbit Myocardium." New Orleans, LA
  • NSF/ERC Center for Emerging Cardiovascular Technologies, (1996) Annual Seminar Series, Cellular Cardiomyoplasty. Duke University, Durham, NC
  • 68th Annual Scientific Sessions American Heart Association, (November 1995) "Diastolic Function Improves after Myoblast Transplantation into Injured Heart." Anaheim, CA
  • University of Alabama at Birmingham, (1994) Department of Pathology Skeletal Myoblast Therapy in Cardiovascular Disease, Birmingham, AL
  • 63rd Annual Scientific Sessions American Heart Association, (November 1992) "E1A-mediated Inhibition of Myogenesis: A Direct Physical Interaction of E1A12S and bHLH Proteins."


  • Texas Transplantation Society (TTS) Annual Meeting (July 12, 2014) “Creation of a New Heart Science or Science Fiction?” San Antonio, TX
  • UT Southwestern Physiology Seminar (May 19, 2014) "Building Solutions for Cardiovascular Disease: From Cell Therapy to Organ Transplant," Dallas, TX
  • Medical World Americas Conference and Expo (April 28, 2014) "Regeneration of the Whole Heart with Stem Cells," Houston, TX
  • Rice University - Biology and the Future of Medicine Class (April 2014) Houston, TX
  • Houston Methodist Research Institute’s Department of Cardiovascular Sciences (March 2014) “Building Solutions for Cardiovascular Disease: From Cell Therapy to Organ Transplant.”  Houston, TX.
  • MDACC Cardiology Grand Rounds (February 2014) “Building Solutions for Cardiovascular Disease:   From Cell Therapy to Organ Transplant.” Houston, TX
  • World Stem Cell Summit 2014 (December 3-5, 2014), San Antonio, Texas
  • UT Principles of Stem Cell Biology course (November 2013) “Organ regeneration using de-cellularized scaffolds.”  Houston, TX.
  • THI Women Heart Houston Support Group (October 2013) “The Heart of Discovery.” Houston, TX.
  • THI 4th Annual Women’s Symposium (October 2013) “Women’s Biology vs. Men’s Biology & Implications for Treatments.” Houston, TX.
  • Prototyping Lab "Pod Park" at the BRC (September 2013) “Houston Build a Heart Project.” Houston, TX.
  • THI Cardiac Society 5th Symposium (May 2013) “The Future of Bioartificial Tissues.” Houston, TX.
  • St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital’s Clinical Research Symposium Research Today – On the Market Tomorrow, An Update in Clinical Research (May 2013) “Building Solutions for Tomorrow From Cells to Organs.” Houston, TX.
  • 2013 CCTRN Research Coordinator Meeting (April 2013) “Stem Cell Types.” Houston, TX.
  • Baylor College of Medicine Molecular Physiology and Biophysics Faculty Seminar Series (January 2013) “Cells for Prevention Treatment and Cure? How Long will it Take?  What Can we Learn Along the Way?” Houston, TX.
  • THI Grand Rounds (December 2012) “Cells for the Prevention, Treatment and Cure of CVD.” Houston, TX.
  • THI Womens symposium (November 2012) “Sex Differences in Cardiovascular Disease and Implications for Therapies.” Houston, TX.
  • The Austin Forum for Science, Technology and Society (November 2012) “Building Solutions for Heart Disease: The Science of the Future Today.” Austin, TX.
  • Houston Stem Cell Summit (October 2012) “Cardiovascular Care and the Role of Stem and Progenitor Cells.”  Houston, TX.
  • Flowtex Conference (October 2012) “Experiences from Repository.” Houston, TX.
  • 3rd Annual Stem Cell Research Symposium (October 2012) “Cells for the Prevention, Treatment and Cure of CVD.” Austin, TX.
  • THI Fall Seminar Series (October 2012) “Building Solutions for Cardiovascular Disease.” Houston, TX.
  • Rice University Biomaterials Day, (July 2012) “Biologic Matrices as Test Beds.” Houston, TX.
  • University of Minnesota – Joint Degree Program in Law, Health & the Sciences (November 2010) "Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPS): Impact on the scientific and regulatory landscape of stem cell research and on the associated ethical debate."  Minneapolis, MN
  • Piper Jaffray (August 2010) Minneapolis, MN. Women's Health Summit (April 2010) "Focus Area 2: Symptom Recognition and Delays in Seeking Treatment." Minneapolis, MN
  • Young Scientist Roundtable (September 2009) "Building a Heart: The Future of Transplants." Wayzata, MN
    "Cells for the Prevention, Treatment and Cure of Cardiovascular Disease."
    Future Direction of Stem Cells in Cardiovascular Disease Forum (December 2008) Texas Heart Institute
  • The Lillehei Heart Institute Seminar Series (October 2008) "Cells for the Treatment, Prevention and Cure of Cardiovascular Disease." Minneapolis, MN
  •  Life Science Alley (October 2008) "Breakthrough Series: Frontiers in Heart Failure" Saint Paul, MN
  • Surface in Biomaterials Foundation Workshop (October 2008) "Creating Bioartificial Heart: Generation of a Contracting, Perfused, Viable Whole Heart from Intact, Decellularized Cardiac ECM and Cardiac-Derived Cells." Minneapolis, MN
  • Ruth Stricker Mind Body Lecture (April 2008) Panelist on Matthieu Ricard's presentation on "Train Your Mind, Change Your Brain: Cultivating Inner Conditions for Genuine Happiness." Minneapolis, MN
  • Collaborative Convergence Series (March 2008) "Biologics and Devices: Proteins, Cellular Therapy and Combination Products." Minneapolis, MN
  • 2007 Joint Conference CTS IPITA IXA (September 2007) "Cell Transplantation for Cardiac Repair: What is the real potential?" Minneapolis, MN
  • Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM) (July 2006) "Stem Cells and the Future of Science – Boon or Bust?" Minneapolis, MN
  • BIO Mid-America Conference Panel Participant 2005 (September 2005), Minneapolis, MN
  • The Collaborative® Cluster Series (June 2005) Cardiovascular Therapies Panelist. Minneapolis, MN
  • Minnesota Venture Capital Association (May 2005) The Stem Cell Industry Panelist, Minneapolis, MN
  • MN Medical Foundation, Discovering Your Legacy, Women and Philanthropy (June 2005).
  • Mayo Clinic Grand Rounds (February 2005) "Cell Based Cardiac and Vascular Repair: Are We Ready for Prime Time?" Rochester, MN
  • Minnesota Academy of Medicine (January 2005) "Advances in Stem Cell Therapy: The Future for Cardiovascular Repair." Saint Paul, MN
  • Whiteside Memorial Lecture (October 2004) "Stem Cells: A New Future for Treating Heart Disease." Duluth, MN
  • Center for Emerging Cardiovascular Technologies, (1996-1998) Annual Industry Meeting  New Technologies Panel, "The Challenge for Industry in Cellular Cardiomyoplasty." Duke University.
  • Talent Discovery Forum, (October 1996) Medtronic, Inc., Cellular Cardiomyoplasty and Cardiac Gene Therapy. Minneapolis, MN


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