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Regenerative Medicine Research
Regenerative Medicine Research
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When Cell Therapy Is Not Enough: Building Cardiovascular Solutions in 2016

Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University, February 17, 2016. Dr. Doris A. Taylor discusses improvements to stem-cell therapies and the development of better treatments for heart disease, including building bio-artificial organs for transplant that use a patients own stem cells, thus avoiding the complications of organ rejection.

Nov 19, 2015
Dr. Doris Taylor, Ph.D., FACC, FAHA, Keynote Speaker at Missouri Cures Education Foundation's Women In Science & Entrepreneurship (WISE) Conference Oct23 2015, talks about her work in regenerative medicine at the Texas Heart Institute (YouTube).

May 18, 2015
STEM Career Q&A with Andi Gobin, Bioengineer, RMR Laboratories at Texas Heart Institute

STEM interview with Dr. Andi Gobin about regenerative medicine.
Dr. Andi Gobin, Assistant Director, Regenerative Medicine Research at THI, participated in a JASON Learning Interview as a STEM role model and shared her passion for her field and her job and provided details about her day-to-day experiences as scientist and engineer. JASON connects youth with inspiring science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) role models via live, interactive webcasts. These role models show how STEM fundamentals students learn are applied in real world situations. Watch the video and read the transcript of Andi's interview on the JASON Learning website.

May 9, 2015
Taylor to grads: 'You can make a difference in the world'

Dr. Taylor to grads: 'You can make a difference in the world'
After speaking to the Mississippi University for Women graduating class of 2015 as the keynote speaker Saturday, Dr. Doris Taylor, director of regenerative medicine research at THI,  received a honorary doctorate of science from MUW president. Read more at the Columbus Dispatch

February 5, 2015
Pioneers of Regeneration
Ghost heart used to create new organs for transplantation.

Across the Texas Medical Center, scientists and physicians are leveraging stem cell and regenerative medicine research to usher in a new era of treatment. In the world of regenerative medicine, the realm of science fiction is infiltrating the domain of real science. At Texas Heart Institute, cadaverous pig hearts, stripped of their cellular makeup, exude stark, ethereal beauty while cardiac tissue stem cells pulse rhythmically in a dish. Read more in TMC Pulse.

November 17, 2014
Medical Breakthroughs Made In Texas:  The Future of Medicine is Stem Cell Research
Doris Taylor, Ph.D. at Houston’s Texas Heart Institute is regenerating hearts and lungs in awe inspiring work. Imagine not having to wait on a heart transplant donor, but to have a new perfectly matched heart made from your own stem cells. Texas CEO Magazine.

November 17, 2014
Female stem cells could be better for heart repair, disease treatment
Some of theDr. Doris Taylor most prominent diseases that older people have to fight - heart disease, diabetes, age-related degenerative diseases and other disorders - may meet their match in the coming decade with the development of stem cell therapies. And when it comes time to enter the ring, research shows you may want to place your bets on female stem cells to pack the stronger punch. "We always knew women were awesome," said Dr. Doris Taylor, director of Regenerative Medicine Research at the Texas Heart Institute. "Now we have science to back it up."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

October 20, 2014
Radically changing human life
THI Dr. Doris Taylor is leading a team competing for the
Palo Alto Longevity Prize- aimed at extending the healthy human lifespan beyond its current limits. The new health-related incentive prize competition pays $1 million to the winner and reflects a turning tide in the way that doctors and scientists look at aging.  Go to the McGill Daily to find out more.
August 1, 2014

Doris Taylor, PhDHouston scientist tackles medicine's big questions
Doris Taylor, PhD, director of regenerative medicine research at the Texas Heart Institute, is using a "ghost heart" as a framework to build a new heart with stem cells. Houston Chronicle (subscription required)

Stem Cells: Men vs Women
Men vs women in strength Dr. Doris Taylor and her research team at Texas Heart Institute are looking at differences between men and women's stem cells. Women's stem cells seem to have advantages. KPRC-TV Channel 2 Houston. (June 5, 2014)

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Who has the softer heart? Find out what Lesley Stahl learned while reporting on the surprising medical differences between males and females when 60 Minutes visited THI to interview Dr. Doris Taylor. (February 2014 - Flash Player required)

Doctor Doris Taylor, team build transplantable hearts
From science fiction to a real-life breakthrough, what's happening right now in a Texas Heart Institute medical lab will change thousands of lives forever. Researchers are building new hearts they hope will eventually be viable for transplants.(February 19, 2014)

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This BBC Science Club video looked at the Regenerative Medicine lab efforts to create a biological heart.

Rgenerative medicine lab documentary

Researcher Probes Science to Building a "Bio-Artificial" Heart   
"Most of our organs contain enough stem cells to repair and regenerate themselves after injuries. But not the heart, that most central of muscles. And finding a way to compensate for that fact has become a life's mission for Doris Taylor, a new arrival at the Texas Heart Institute in Houston."
Read the interview with Angela Shah from Xconomy.  (October 15, 2013)

Gov. Perry Announces $3 Million Grant to Create Center for Cell and Organ Biotechnology
Gov. Rick Perry announced a $3 million investment through the Texas Emerging Technology Fund (TETF) to create the Center for Cell and Organ Biotechnology in collaboration with the Texas Heart Institute (THI) and Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. "This center represents another step toward making Texas the forefront of biotechnology for generations to come," Gov. Perry said. Read the details in the full press release. (September 13, 2013)

Scientists renew stem cells' healing properties in mice 
Scientists at THI have discovered what might be the fountain of youth for stem cells, a method they say could be used to develop a potential treatment for elderly patients suffering from heart and vascular diseases. "What we are doing is restoring the older cells to a far better and more youthful functional capability," said Dr. James T. Willerson, president of THI and the study's principal investigator (published in Circulation Research, September 2013).  Read more from the Houston Chronicle. Also see "Heart to Heart" July 8, 2013 for a closer look at the research

Tissue engineering: How to build a heart 
Doris Taylor doesn't take it as an insult when people call her Dr Frankenstein. Director of Regenerative Medicine Research at THI, Taylor is in the vanguard of researchers looking to engineer entire new organs, to enable transplants without the risk of rejection by the recipient's immune system. The strategy is simple enough in principle ... In practice, however, the process is beset with tremendous challenges. Read more (including video, podcast, illustrations) from Nature News (July 3, 2013).

To ease shortage of organs, grow them in a lab 
Lungs and other organs for transplant are scarce. But what if there were another way?  What if you could grow a custom-made organ in a lab? . . .  "I believe the future is ... a pig matrix covered with your own cells," says Doris Taylor of the Texas Heart Institute in Houston. She reported creating a rudimentary beating rat heart in 2008 with the cell-replacement technique and is now applying it to a variety of organs ... from the Houston Chronicle (June 17, 2013). See also the story in USA Today

Repairing and Replacing Body Parts: What's Next 
Researchers are exploring ways to repair, refurbish, or replace human organs 
"Medicine is saving people who previously we weren't able to save," says Dr. Doris A. Taylor, director of regenerative medicine research at the Texas Heart Institute in Houston. Perhaps the ultimate goal is creating and transplanting a functioning bio-artificial heart. "We're making huge strides," Taylor says, and predicts that a transplant of one kind of bio-artificial solid complex organ will be possible within five years. Read the article from National Geographic Daily News April 15, 2013.

The Journey from Cell Culture to Bioprinting and Beyond
Dr. Doris Taylor - from h magazine on building new hearts"Perhaps the most incredible example of Decellularized scaffold being developed besides the successful trachea is the development of laboratory grown hearts! Dr. Doris A.Taylor, now of the Texas Heart Institute and her team have developed a process for whole organ decellularization and then reseeding them successfully with cells taken from rat and pig hearts."  From h+ Magazine published by Humanity+, March 27, 2013

Science Fiction Comes Alive as Researchers Grow Organs in Lab 
Under this thought-provoking headline, The Wall Street Journal featured an article on the promise of regenerative medicine and the significant contributions of Dr. Doris Taylor to this emerging field.  WSJ March 22, 2013 Dr. Doris Taylor holds a heart scaffold. [Photo credit Michael Paulsen, Houston Chronicle]

Saving lives with help from pigs and cells 
Doris Taylor and her team are building new organs, hoping to reverse disease, maybe even the aging process. On the ninth floor of the Texas Heart Institute's Denton Cooley building, Doris Taylor and her team are building human hearts, with help from pigs and stem cells.

"We think a pig heart is a perfect scaffold for a human heart, based on its structure and size," says Taylor, a passionate scientist with a Ph.D. in pharmacology. — Houston Chronicle Jan. 27, 2013  [Photo credit Michael Paulsen] 

THI Chosen as Biorepository for Cardiac Stem Cell Research Network 
THI has been chosen as the Biorepository Core Lab for the CCTRN and will be under the direction of Dr. Doris Taylor and Dr. Adrian Gee. News release December 17, 2012 

Regenerative Medicine Research
Doris Taylor, PhD, FAHA, FACC, one of the world's leading cell therapy and cardiac regeneration scientists, joins THI as Director, Regenerative Medicine Research. News release March 2012

Cardiac regeneration scientist Doris Taylor leaves U of M for Texas
Radio interview. Minnesota Public Radio 
Daily Circuit (7 min), March 7, 2012

Researchers on the verge of growing human hearts
Posted by Siva Nagarajah (August 18, 2011)
The Independent BlogsScience & Technology

Reloading the Matrix: Doris Taylor Is Growing New Hearts
Blog entry online at  (April 2, 2011)

Dr. Doris Taylor on NOVA
Custom-made hearts, lungs, and kidneys could revolutionize organ transplantation

NOVA scienceNOW  
Program: Replacing Body Parts
PBS Video (13:35 min, January 26, 2011)

Stem cells and the heart
Radio interview with Dr. Doris Taylor and Dr. Eduardo Marban
From Minnesota Public Radio News-Midmorning (12/06/2010)

SoundSeen: "Bioreactors + Building Hope" with Doris Taylor
American Public Media, Program: On Being
Radio broadcast of SoundSeen: Stem Cells, Untold Stories
(52:07 min, September 30, 2010)

Radio interview with Dr. Doris Taylor







Building Hearts + Lengthening Telomeres: A conversation with Dr. Doris Taylor
Speaking of Faith with Krista Tippett American Public Media on YouTube.
(2:30 min, October 30, 2009)

More than a year later, heart research still beating strong
News from the Minnesota Daily (April 8, 2009)
University of Minnesota

Team Creates Rat Heart Using Cells of Baby Rats
From the Health section in the New York Times
(January 14, 2008)

Nature Medicine, February 2008

To mend a failing heart
Press release from
Nature Medicine
(February 2008)


Heart Maker, researcher Doris Taylor
Face to Face article. Minnesota Medicine magazine, May 2007

Profile: Doris Taylor, Assistant Research Professor
From the Biotechnology Institute at (PDF)

A Book For Age 10 and Up

Doris Taylor: Growing a Beating Heart

Doris Taylor: Growing a Beating Heart
With Lori Mortensen
Published by KidHaven, October 2009
Available from Amazon.


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