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Heart Assist Devices
Abiomed AB5000 Circulatory Support System
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The ABIOMED AB5000™ Circulatory Support System is a short-term mechanical system that can provide left,  right, or biventricular support for patients whose hearts have failed but have the potential for recovery. The AB5000 can be used to support the heart, giving it time to rest—and potentially recover native heart function. The device can also be used as a bridge to definitive therapy.

The AB5000, recently approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), builds upon more than 20 years of research and development for  similar technologies, including the ABIOMED BVS 5000 and the AbioCor Implantable Replacement Heart. The AB5000 was introduced for patient use at THI in October 2003.

The PumpABIOMED AB5000 circulatory support system console

The pump houses an Angioflex® membrane and two proprietary tri-leaflet valves. The pump, connected to cannulas placed in the heart, fills with blood by gravitational force and by vacuum assistance from the drive console. The cannulas and drive console are the same as those used for the ABIOMED BVS 5000. The AB5000 can provide flow rates of up to 6 liters per minute.

The Console

The console is designed to support the AB5000 and the BVS 5000. The console recognizes which blood pump is connected to it and automatically ensures proper system function. Although the left and right sides of the pump work independently of each other, the console automatically adjusts heart rates and flows accordingly. In addition, redundant back-up systems and a hand pump are available.

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