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     Cool-E ShortiesCool-E
    Explore environments, push buttons, meet challenges, watch stories, and more!
    Click below to laugh and learn with videos starring everyone's favorite robot.

Watch Anatomy Discovery  Anatomy Discovery

Use the magnifying glass to see what's inside the human body.
Watch Bakery Buff  Bakery Buff

Find out how much exercise it will take to burn off the calories for Cool-E's favorite treats.
Watch Beets Me  Beets Me

Explore Cool-E's garden and learn some fun facts about fruits and vegetables.
Watch Color Me Anatomy  Color Me Anatomy

Check out what Cool-E is drawing in his anatomy sketchbook.
Watch Heart Discovery  Heart Discovery

See the inner-workings of a heart and doctor's office with Cool-E's magic magnifying glass.
Watch Nutz About PA  Nutz About PA

Go on a physical activity scavenger hunt in the park with Cool-E.
Watch Plates And Pyramids  Plates and Pyramids

Get the scoop on nutrition from MyPlate to MyPyramid with Cool-E as your guide.
Watch What's In The Kitchen  What's In The Kitchen

Investigate the sites and sounds of Chef Cool-E's kitchen full of cooking tools.

     Shorty of the Season
 Watch Egg-cellent Egg-cellent

Help Cool-E build a healthy Easter basket while learning what fruits look like on the outside and inside.
 Watch Snow Robot Snow Robot

Cool-E is building a snow robot. As usual, things don't go as planned.
 Watch Little Resolutions Little Resolutions

Do you think Cool-E can accomplish all of his New Year's resolutions?
 Watch Global Winter Global Winter

Shake up your holidays with a Cool-E snow globe.
Watch Hello Confetti  Hello Confetti

Cool-E wants to welcome you to the all new Project Heart!
 Watch Trouble With Fruit The Trouble With Fruit

Only Cool-E would have this much trouble with an apple tree.
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