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Health Games
Health Games

Play your way through challenging levels in Cool-E’s health game arcade for kids while learning about food groups, meal choices, fitness, vitamins, and more.
Anatomy Puzzles

Test your anatomy knowledge with Cool-E's anatomy puzzles. Can you finish the expert levels?
Watch Cool-E Shorties

Cool-E Shorties

Laugh and learn with everyone's favorite robot. Explore environments, push buttons, watch stories, and more!
Hearty Challenges
Hearty Challenges

Are you up for the challenge? Take one of Cool-E's fitness and nutrition challenges and you might be surprised. Join famous athletes and learn how they stay in heart-healthy shape.
Read Spotlight Career Stories

Spotlight Career Stories

Ever wondered what it takes to become a famous heart surgeon? Read the real stories behind some of the amazing people at Texas Heart Institute.
Coloring Studio

Coloring Studio

Color me robot! Load up your paintbrush and grab some crayons for online coloring fun. 
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