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Suggested Reading Cool-E
The suggested readings listed below include relevant children's literature on anatomy, nutrition, and exercise, as well as resources for educators. We welcome your feedback.


Children's Literature

Bagley, Katie. Eat Right. (Jan 2006)
Barchers, Suzanne and Rauen, Peter. Storybook Stew. (Sept 1996)
Barron, Rex. Showdown at the Food Pyramid. (Jun 2004)
Berenstain, Stan and Berenstain, Jan. The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Junk Food. (Mar 1985)
Carle, Eric. The Very Hungry Caterpillar. (Oct 1981)
Child, Lauren. I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato. (Sept 2003)
Cooper, Helen. Pumpkin Soup. (Sept 1999)
Ehlert, Lou. Eating the Alphabet. (Apr 1996)
Ehlert, Lou. Growing Vegetable Soup. (Mar 1990)
Frankel, Alona. Prudence’s Book of Food. (Mar 2000)
Gaga and Friends. Pass the Celery, Ellery. (Oct 2000)
Gordon, Sharon. You Are What You Eat. (Mar 2003)
Gustafson, Scott. Alphabet Soup. (Jan 1994)
Herman, Debbie. Carla’s Sandwich. (Sept 2004)
Hobar, Russell. Bread and Jam for Francis. (Sept 2008)
Kelley, True. School Lunch. (Sept 2005)
Mayer, Mercer. Good for Me and You. (Dec 2004)
Müller, Birte. Finn Cooks. (Apr 2004)
Rockwell, Lizzie. Good Enough to Eat. (Jan 1999)
Rubel, Nicole. No More Vegetables. (Aug 2002)
Sears, William. Eat Healthy, Feel Great. (Sept 2002)
Sharmat, Mitchell. Gregory the Terrible Eater. (Oct 1984)
Sliverstein, Alvin. Eat Your Vegetables! Drink Your Milk! (Mar 2001)
Smallwood, Sally. Cool as a Cucumber. (Mar 2005)
Smallwood, Sally. Sweet as a Strawberry. (Mar 2005)
Snow, Regeen. Eat Your Peas, Louise. (Jan 1997)
Stevens, Janet and Crummel Stevens, Susan. Cook-a-Doodle-Do. (Apr 1999)
Trumbauer, Lisa. Eating Well. (Jul 2004)
Wells, Rosemary. Max and Ruby’s Midas. (May 2003)
Williams, Rozanne Lanczak. Good Choices for Cat and Dog. (Jan 1997)

Resource Books

Cheung, Lilian and Jukes, Mavis. Be Healthy! It’s a Girl Thing: Food, Fitness, and Feeling Great. (Dec 2003)
Thompson, Janice and Manore, Melinda. Nutrition: an Applied Approach. (Jan 2008)
Texas Heart Institute. Heart Owner’s Handbook (Dec 1995)

Updated March 2012

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