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     The Kids Play section allows students to explore cardiovascular topics in a fun new way.



The Kids Play section is a set of fun brain exercises that allow kids to go deeper into the curriculum on their own, in groups, and even at home.

Activities available include:

  • Health Games: Online games covering heart-healthy topics like nutrition, physical activity, and anatomy.
  • Puzzles: Anatomy puzzles for beginners and advanced students.
  • Cool-E Shorties: Funny animations and interactive environments, all with an educational purpose.
  • Hearty Challenges: Nutrition and physical activity challenges for kids featuring famous athletes.
  • Career Spotlight Storybooks: Read the real stories behind scientists, physicians, and many others at THI.
  • Coloring Studio: Color pictures online with this fun educational tool.


  1. Go to the Kids Play section of the Project Heart website.
  2. Click on an icon to go to a Play category and view an activity list.
  3. Click on an activity icon to go to a particular activity.
  4. In some cases, you can press the 'Back' button in the upper right hand corner of an activity page to go back to a full activity list.
  5. To go to an activity in another Play category, click on one of the links in the left-hand navigation toolbar.

Make it even more interactive with  Web 2.0

  • Create your own anatomy puzzle by uploading an image to Jigsaw Planet.
  • Hold a puzzle completion competition by timing progress with Online Stopwatch. Print out custom certificates for the winners using Microsoft Office templates.
  • Draw your own funny comic about Cool-E with ToonDoo.
  • Write a story about Cool-E and create your own picture-based story cube with BigHugeLabs.
  • Research other famous medical scientists, doctors, or a medical invention and create a collaborative non-fiction book using Blurb.
  • Make an online presentation slideshow about a health science career you are interested in using Prezi.
  • Create a timeline about heart surgery or cardiology milestones using Dipity. You can start with the milestones on the THI website.
  • Research a member of the Texas Heart Institute staff from the professional directory and create a museum box about their accomplishments. You can get ideas from the Texas Heart Institute professional staff directory
  • Create your own coloring book pages of the human body with Pixlr. Full instructions are available at Instructables.
  • Print out your works of art and create an art gallery slideshow using Animoto Lite.

Download the classroom posters

Help anatomy come alive in your classroom with these anatomy infographic posters. Just print them on 11 x 17 paper. Topics include the blood, heart, cardiovascular system, heart valves, and conduction system.

Infographic Anatomy Poster - Blood Infographic Anatomy Poster - The Heart Infographic Anatomy Poster - Cardiovascular System Infographic Anatomy Poster - Heart Valves Infographic Anatomy Poster - Conduction

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