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     The Kids Learn section allows students to test their knowledge and dig even deeper.



The Kids Learn section is a set of online tools designed to allow students to test their knowledge on the Project Heart curriculum and learn even more about the heart and cardiovascular system along the way.

Online tools available include:

  • Quizzes: Grade-level quizzes which test knowledge of the anatomy, nutrition, and exercise topics covered in the Project Heart curriculum. Quiz scores are printable.
  • Fun Facts: Flash presentations of facts about the heart, heart disease, the cardiovascular system, and more. Perfect for display on SMART Boards.
  • Virtual Microscope: Interactive Flash slides of different types of heart cells, blood cells, and stem cells.
  • Health Toolbox: A set of heart-healthy resources for students covering topics like cooking, making a family health tree, how to read a food label, and much more.
  • Experiments: Step-by-step heart and circulatory system experiments for home or classroom use.


  1. Go to the Kids Learn section of the Project Heart website.
  2. Click on an icon to go to a Learn category and view an activity list.
  3. Click on an activity icon to go to a particular activity.
  4. In some cases, you can press the 'Back' button in the upper right hand corner of an activity page to go back to a full activity list.
  5. To go to an activity in another Learn category, click on one of the links in the left-hand navigation toolbar.

Make it even more interactive with  Web 2.0

  • Create a word cloud of vocabulary words used in the quizzes with Wordle. 
  • Build a crossword puzzle quiz using Discovery Education’s Puzzle Maker.
  • Create online flashcards of all the quiz questions using Quizlet. Pair off to quiz one another.
  • Investigate each cell type using How Stuff Works, eHow, or other online resources.
  • Design a magazine cover featuring your favorite cell with BigHugeLabs.
  • Turn Fun Facts into trading cards with BigHugeLabs.
  • Create your own Fun Facts presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint and upload them using Slideshare.  
  • Make a photo book of exercises you can do at home using Animoto Lite.
  • Create your own daily food plan with Choose My Plate online.
  • Find out what the world is saying about heart-healthy topics using NewsMap. Search the term “nutrition” or “exercise” to get started.
  • Design fitness stations in the classroom using Classroom Architect. Vote for the best layout and set up the stations as a class.
  • Design a heart-healthy motivational poster for the classroom using BigHugeLabs. 
  • Record the results of your heart-healthy experiments using a flip camera or smart phone camera and upload it to your class blog or YouTube page. Instructions for uploading to YouTube are available on wikiHow.
  • Use SurveyShare to poll student about their experiment results. Find out what they liked, what went wrong, etc.  
  • Conduct one of the experiments in class or at home, taking photos at each step. Create a how-to pop-up book using ZooBurst.

Download the classroom posters

Help anatomy come alive in your classroom with these anatomy infographic posters. Just print them on 11 x 17 paper. Topics include the blood, heart, cardiovascular system, heart valves, and conduction system.

Infographic Anatomy Poster - Blood Infographic Anatomy Poster - The Heart Infographic Anatomy Poster - Cardiovascular System Infographic Anatomy Poster - Heart Valves Infographic Anatomy Poster - Conduction

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