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Project Heart: Activities for the Classroom comprises TEKS- and NHES-based, web-accessible, comprehensive curriculum for grades K through 6. Lesson plans are vertically aligned to prepare students for the next grade level. Project Heart focuses on teaching students the basics of the cardiovascular system and cardiovascular health.

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Navigating the Website

Project Heart Logo
By clicking on the Project Heart logo at the top left on any of the pages, you return to the Project Heart homepage.

Website Structure
The Project Heart website is intended for two audiences: educators and kids. The educator pages provide comprehensive curriculum and instruction while the kid pages provide an engaging online environment to explore. From the homepage, click on the educators button to get the full Project Heart curriculum.

The navigation on the left provides everything you need to teach the curriculum from start to finish.

The colorful navigation buttons at the top of each webpage are interactive pieces that can be enjoyed by students and teachers alike. You will find all multimedia in this section, along with ways to incorporate the content using Classroom 2.0 or Web 2.0 tools.

Watch is a section containing graphics and multimedia anatomy resources that teachers can use to augment both Project Heart and other related lesson plans. Click on the icons to see a Flash animation for each topic. PDF graphics are also available for download.

Listen is a collection of heart sounds, both normal and abnormal, you may find useful, from teaching young children to count their heart rate (pulse) to explaining the intricacies of heart anatomy. A graphic and text explanation is also provided for each sound.

Play is a section for kids to go deeper into the curriculum on their own or in groups. Content includes puzzles, fun animations about the Project Heart mascot Cool-E the robot, career spotlight stories, coloring sheets, and experiments.

Learn is useful for students and educators with online quizzes, a virtual microscope, fun facts presentations, and a toolbox of useful health information.

Lesson Plans

The Texas Heart Institute is a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the devastating toll of cardiovascular disease through innovative and progressive programs in research, education, and improved patient care.

Intended Audience
This curriculum is designed for elementary school teachers and others who are dedicated to teaching students how to make heart-healthy life choices. Elementary health, science and physical education teachers may find the information particularly helpful.

Subject Matter
Project Heart assists you in teaching:

  • Basic anatomy of the cardiovascular system
  • Smart nutritional choices for a healthy heart
  • The importance of exercise in maintaining a strong heart

Lesson Plan Structure
A complete “heart-smart” curriculum is included for grades K through 6. Each curriculum contains 3 lessons: anatomy, nutrition, and exercise. Emphasis is placed on learning these concepts in a fun and interesting way. Each lesson plan includes goals, instructional objectives, background information, a materials list, lesson procedures/activities, guided practice, independent practice, extension activities, assessment, and closure.

Instructional Plan
Each lesson included in Project Heart is intended to build upon the one that came before it, and each grade level builds upon the lessons and skills of the previous grade. Teachers may find the classroom activity masters helpful for constructing customized lesson plans. A complete list of classroom activity masters is available with each grade’s curriculum.

How To Use

Instructional Guide
A PDF is available for download which gives full instructions about how to use Project Heart in your classroom.

TEKS Matrix
Each Project Heart lesson plan and activity was created based on Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). These are the state standards for what students specifically should know and be able to do. Project Heart covers the Health Education and Physical Education chapters of the TEKS. The TEKS Matrix provides full details on which TEKS are covered for each activity and lesson plan by grade.

NHES Matrix
Project Heart lessons are aligned for the National Health Education Standards (NHES). These are written expectations for what students should know and be able to do in grades K-12 to promote personal, family, and community health. Project Heart covers all eight standard levels of NHES. The NHES Matrix provides full details on which NHES are covered for each activity and lesson plan by grade.

Suggested Links

Provides a list of suggested websites as a reference for teachers.

Suggested Reading
Provides a list of suggested books for student reading as well as references for teachers.

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