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5-A   Anatomy: My Heart's Electrical System (worksheet) PDF

5-B   Anatomy: The Conduction System in Action—A Flipbook Project (two-page worksheet) PDF

5-C   Nutrition: Action Hero Flash Cards (worksheet) PDF

5-D   Nutrition: 24-hour Nutrient Diary (worksheet) PDF

5-E   Nutrition: Vitamin Fill-in-the-Blank (worksheet) PDF

5-F   Nutrition: Mineral Fill-in-the-Blank (worksheet) PDF

5-G   Nutrition: Vitamin Crossword Puzzle (worksheet) PDF

5-H   Nutrition: Mineral Crossword Puzzle (worksheet) PDF

         Heart-Smart Nutrient Student Certificate PDF

5-I    Exercise: My Activity Journal (worksheet) PDF

Teacher Resource

Answer Keys (activities 5-A, 5-E, 5-F, 5-G, 5-H) PDF

Student Resources

My Vitamin Dictionary PDF

My Mineral Dictionary PDF

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