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American Heart Month
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Heart Conditions

Right here on the Heart Information Center website.

More than 170 heart disease and heart health subjects are covered and you can also learn about anatomy, refer to a glossary, and find out what a cardiologist does. [En español ] For example,

Conditions: Have you been diagnosed with mitral valve disease and want to know more about the effects and treatments? Choose the relevant topic from our list heart conditions.

Diagnostics: Are you scheduled for an echocardiogram and want to know what to expect? One of the diagnostic tests and procedures topics will explain.

Prevention: Has your doctor said you are at risk for heart disease and you want to learn to be more healthy? The heart-smart topics can help you get better control of your health.

Women: Are you looking for a woman-specific approach to caring for your heart? Visit the Center for Women's Heart & Vascular Health where you can subscribe to a woman's heart health e-newsletter.

Ask: Would you like to ask a question about your own or a loved one's particular heart condition? Go to Ask a Texas Heart Institute Doctor. You can also search posted responses to the more than 1,700 entries in this forum.

Learn all about the Heart Information Center.

Ask a Texas Heart Institute DoctorWhat is the difference between a cardiac MRI or MRA of the heart? — response by Dr. Jorge Guttin and Dr. Benjamin Cheong.


Putting the puzzle together piece by piece . . .

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February is American Heart Month

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