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Signs of a heart attack

There are warning signs for heart attacks that everyone should be aware of.

And everyone should understand that symptoms experienced by men and women can be very different. They can be subtle and don't always include a sudden pain in the chest.

For heart attack patients who get to a hospital quickly, advances in treatments have helped lower the number of deaths from heart attack. Today, those who recover from a heart attack are more likely to return to their past state of health than ever before.

Learn more about the signs and symptoms of a heart attack and what to do about them.

Center for Women's Heart & Vascular HealthFrom the Center for Women's Heart & Vascular Health:  
Straight Talk about Heart Attacks 


Ask a Texas Heart Institute DoctorWhich is better to determine blockage or a previous heart attack, a thallium stress test or an angiogram? — response by Dr. Patrick Cook.


Putting the puzzle together piece by piece . . .
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February is American Heart Month

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