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Research has shown that people who exercise are less likely to develop heart disease, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol levels.

"Heart disease is this country's No.1 killer. But by exercising for as little as 30 minutes each day you can reduce your risk."—American Heart Association

"Physical activity is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle . . . it can help prevent a range of chronic diseases, including heart disease . . . Children need 60 minutes of play with moderate to vigorous activity every day to grow up to a healthy weight."—

Exercise can help you achieve a healthy body weight, increase mobility, protect against bone loss, reduce stress levels, and help you feel better about yourself. People of any age or fitness level can benefit from some type of exercise, be it running, walking, ballroom dancing, water aerobics, gardening, or any activity you choose.

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Project Heart buttonDeveloping the exercise habit during childhood can result in enormous benefits in adulthood. 

Visit Project Heart where kids lead the way to heart-healthy exercise.




Ask a Texas Heart Institute DoctorWill I be able to maintain good conditioning at a lower intensity workout? — response by Dr. Mehdi Razavi.


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February is American Heart Month

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