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Our Stories with Heart
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New mom and heart transplant recipient Kayde Wolf shares her personal story about the Gift of Life.


Alex Wallace is a THI Heart Health Ambassador
Heart Health Ambassador Alex Wallace has partnered with us to promote our Project Heart: Activities for the Classroom website in Mississippi and her home state of Tennessee. Watch her YouTube video.

Alex Wallace is a THI Heart Health Ambassador

TAVI gave Nancy renewed health with minimal surgery      
Nancy Napoli suffered through serious heart disease since she was a teenager after radiation treatments for lymphoma scarred her heart. A recent heart valve replacement at Texas Heart Institute via catheter, called Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI), without the need for open-heart surgery, has made her healthy again. Watch her video.
Watch the Nancy Napoli video on YouTube.

A surprising medical journey for a health professional     
Cardiovascular disease never occurred to emergency room nurse Teresa Ferricher, an avid runner and young mother. Then the unexpected happened. Diagnosed with a cardiac tumor, she was referred to Dr. Bud Frazier at THI. After successful surgery, she suffered a heart attack and was then supported by a ventricular assist device (VAD). Her heart recovered enough that she didn't need a transplant. She now enjoys good health and urges women (and men!) to be knowledgeable about heart health, to listen to their bodies, and to pay attention to warning signs that something may be wrong. Watch her video.
Teresa Ferricher

Overcoming a rare heart condition with persistence and determination  
Trasetta Terry, began noticing a loss of stamina and soon she could no longer perform even simple daily tasks. Doctors were baffled until Dr. Deborah Meyers at the Texas Heart Institute diagnosed an unusual and serious heart condition (thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension) which was causing her right heart failure. Trasetta and Dr. Meyers tell her story and advise women to "know your body" and be informed about your health. Watch her video.

Trasetta Terry

Learning to live an active, productive life with heart disease 
Betty Moreton has been living with heart disease for a long time, and has some advice for others. Under the care of her cardiologists from THI, she was treated for atrial fibrillation. She then learned about healthy lifestyle choices to help her continue an active, productive and happy life. Watch her video.

Betty Moreton

Barbara Covington on lessons learned after her health crisis
Barbara Covington, businesswoman, songwriter and heart patient, shares some lessons she has learned after her health crisis was treated at Texas Heart Institute. Watch her video.

Barbara Covington

Every woman has a story—with heart

Almost 43 million American women are living with cardiovascular disease. More than 600,000 of them in Texas. Seven special women share their "survivor" stories in their own words. 

Salina Gonzalez
"I went from being a mother of an active 18-month-old..." 


Violet Brabham
"I worked long hours. I went up and down stairs. I was
always energetic."


Geraldine Cegielski
"I had a heart valve replacement..."  


Rebecca Butler-Holder
"I was born with a congenital heart problem." 


Etta Lathan Ethridge
"I had rheumatic fever as a child–twice. It damaged
my heart..."


Esmeralda Miranda
"After years of frustration..." 


Are you living with cardiovascular disease? Would you be willing to share your story? Please contact us at


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