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Dec. 13, 2014: 14th Texas Update in Cardiovascular Advancements & Fifth Annual Symposium: Risk, Diagnosis and Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease in Women.

Dec. 5, 2014:  Dcoulterr. Stephanie Coulter, director of THI's Center for Women’s Heart and Vascular Health was honored by the Kappa Kappa Gamma Charitable Foundation of Houston during the biennial Holiday Pilgrimage. This marked the first time in the event’s history that a Pilgrimage Honoree was named. For more information visit:

Oct. 28, 2014: WomenHeart Houston October Support Group Meeting & Special Halloween “Ghost Heart” Tour
Tuesday, October 28 from 5:45 p.m. - 8 p.m. at the Texas Heart Institute, 6770 Bertner Avenue.
The support group had the opportunity to see the "Ghost Hearts" just in time for Halloween. Dr. Andi Gobin, assistant director of Regenerative Medicine, led the tour.

Sept. 23, 2014: WomenHeart Houston Special Event: Artist Dario Robleto at the Menil Collection
Artist Dario Robleto explored the history of the human heartbeat in his new exhibition, The Boundary of Life is Quietly Crossed, showcased at the Menil Collection from August 16-January 11, 2015.

June 14, 2014: "Hormones, Heart Disease, Calcium and Bones"
Christ the King Lutheran Church, Presented by Dr. Stephanie Coulter, director, Center for Women's Heart & Vascular Health, and Dr. Amy Woodruff, cardiologist.

May 22, 2014: Ms. America Promotes Heart Screenings for WomenWomens Heart Screening 5-22-14
Ms. America 2013-14 Chiniqua Pettaway, third from left, extended a show of support for the heart institute's efforts to screen women for heart disease during National Women's Health Week May 11-17. Staff from the heart institute's Center for Women's Heart& Vascular Health screened more than 300 women at five Neighborhood Centers throughout Houston.

MAY 13, 2014: Dr. Doris Taylor: Regenerative Heart Research
DR. DORIS TAYLOR, director of regenerative medicine research at Texas Heart Institute, discussed her groundbreaking research tocreate hearts in the lab from a patient's own stem cells. In a process known as decellularization, Dr. Taylor and her team remove the existing cells from the hearts of laboratory animals, which leaves a framework for building new organs. They then "seed" the framework with human adult stem cells to give it a blood supply, which causes the organ to regenerate and take on the characteristics of a revitalized, beating heart. This research may one day help scientists create fully functional human hearts in the lab. This is significant because the need for transplants continues to grow, while the supply of donor organs remains critically low.

Dr. William CohnMAY 6, 2014: Dr. Billy Cohn: Artificial Heart Research
DR. BILLY COHN, cardiovascular surgeon and director of Texas Heart Institute's Center for Technology and Innovation, discussed his quest to develop a continuous-flow heart pump and other devices to repair or replace damaged hearts. With a passion for medical device development, Dr. Cohn has more than 70 U.S. patents granted or pending, and another 60 international patents for his medical innovations. He has been honored as the Distinguished Inventor of the Year by the Intellectual Property Owners Association.

April 22, 2014: The Health MuseumRebecca Trahan & Lisa Hulick speak in the Matters of the Heart Series
LISA BUNDICK HULICK and REBECCA TRAHAN discussed how they live with heart disease, as well as new initiatives underway to assist women with heart disease and to increase awareness of heart disease in women. Lisa and Rebecca are the faces of WomenHeart Houston, part of a national peer network educating and helping women who, like Lisa and Rebecca, have experienced life-threatening heart crises.

April 15, 2014: The Health Museum

DR. STEPHANIE COULTER, director of the Center for Women's Heart & Vascular Health at Texas Heart Institute, gave a virtual tour of the heart using state-of-the-art animation tools and explained how the heart works and what can be done to keep it healthy. Dr. Coulter has a special interest in preventing and treating heart disease in women, which often presents differently than heart disease in men.

March 1
Ms America Chiniqua Pettaway3, 2014: Ms. America Visits Texas Heart Institute
Chiniqua Pettaway, Ms. America 2013-14, stopped by the Texas Heart Institute's television studio to film a public service announcement promoting heart health awareness. Chiniqua's platform of service focuses on fighting heart disease by raising awareness and promoting prevention.


February 22, 2014: The Elnita McClain Women’s CeClick here for photos of the event on Flickr.nter’s (EMWC) annual Go Red for Women event, “The Heart of a Woman” Fashion Show &Luncheon. The (EMWC) Center promotes preventative health education and healthy lifestyles for underserved communities. This year, Dr. Sheila Heinle, a THI cardiologist, gave the keynote speech to more than 200 attendees. Click here for photos of the event on Flickr.


Women in Engineering and Sciencebruary 7, 2014: 'GEMS' Explore Bioengineering Careers 
Students interested in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers visited Texas Heart Institute as part of the Society of Women Engineers' "GEMS" conference (Girls Exploring Math and Science). Jill Almaguer, center, program manager for regenerative medicine at Texas Heart Institute, led the students on a tour and participated in a panel discussion along with other Texas Heart Institute scientists.


February 7, 2014: Pink Goes Red for a DayPink Goes Red for a Day
Members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority's Alpha Omega Chapter donned red attire in place of the sorority's traditional pink on Feb. 7 to celebrate National Go Red Day which raises awareness ofheart disease among women. At the chapter's meeting held at Trinity United Methodist Church, Dr. Deborah Meyers, front row, second from left, Texas Heart Institute's medical director for heart failure programs, presented "Goals, Time and Your Health: Go Red and Go Right Now!"


November 16, 2013: The 'Ticker Tantrums' Team Up for Heart Walk
More pictures on Flickr.
The WomenHeart support group gathered a team together for the American Heart Association Heart Walk Houston. Many members of team "Ticker Tantrums" are survivors of heart disease. More pictures on Flickr.



October 7, 2013: KUHF
 'Houston Matters' Discusses Heart DDr. Stephanie Coulter in the studio for Houston Public Radio broadcast.isease
Dr. Stephanie Coulter was one of the guests on the NPR news program, "Houston Matters". Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the nation, and Houston is no exception. According to the American Heart Association, nearly 28 percent of deaths in the Houston area are related to cardiovascular disease. We talk with some area cardiologists about new research on heart disease and what you can do to better prevent it in the first place. Listen to the podcast  or listen to the podcast from

Dr. Stephanie Coulter - Interview with International InnovationJuly 2013: International publication focuses attention on women and heart disease  
"Women are more likely to die from heart disease than cancer, and less likely to receive appropriate treatment than men. Director Dr Stephanie Coulter explains how the Center is addressing the gaps in diagnoses, treatment and research." In an extensive interview with one of Europe's prominent international research magazines, Dr. Coulter discusses the missions of the Texas Heart Institute Center for Women's Heart & Vascular Health.
International Innovation "Analysis" (a prepublication PDF), by permission from WWW.RESEARCHMEDIA.EU.

February 28, 2013: Center Receives Heart to Heart Grant from Alpha Phi Foundation
The Center for Women's Heart & Vascular Health was one of two recipients of Alpha Phi Foundation's Heart to Heart Grant. We received the $50,000 grant to help fund our ongoing study, Houston Heart Reach for Women, designed to investigate the roles biology, psychology and lifestyle play in putting a women at risk for heart disease. We are very grateful to the Alpha Phi Foundation for helping us further our mission.


February 27, 2013: Women's Fund Lunchtime Webinar
Dr. Stepahnie Coulter joined The Women's Fund for Health Education and Research for a free lunchtime webinar focused on education and research effort to elucidate diagnosis, treatment and prevention of heart disease in women. Topics discussed during the event ranged from the epidemiology of cardiovascular disease to managing one's risk. The webinar "How Women Can Beat the Odds" is now available online.

February 16, 2013: The Heart of a Woman Luncheon and Fashion Show
The Elnita McClain Women's Center held a special Heart Month luncheon and fashion show. Ladies showed off their best with the latest trends in red and enjoyed talks from special guests including Texas Heart Institute Medical Director for Heart Failure Programs, Dr. Deborah Meyers, and Edna Meyer-Nelson, Chairman of the Advisory Council for THI's Center for Women's Heart and Vascular Health. 
Women's Retreat and LuncheonFebruary 23, 2013: "Hear Our Hearts" Women's Retreat and Luncheon 
The Women's Center participated at the "Hear Our Hearts" luncheon retreat at the Center for Faith and Health Initiatives, a gathering to motivate women and their circles to care for their hearts. The purpose was to inspire, motivate, renew, and engage.  Dr. Coulter gave the opening presentation "The Latest in Heart Care," providing a "capsule of information" on new cardiac advances for women.

February 1, 2013: AKA Pink Goes Red for a Day 
Special guests Dr. Stephanie Coulter of Texas Heart Institute's Center for Women's Heart & Vascular Health and Ms. Lisa Hulick of WomenHeart Houston joined the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, the oldest Greek-lettered organization established by African-American college-educated women, for their Go Red Day event "Getting Your Heart Healthy: How and Why to Start Now." Learn more about the the XI Alpha Omega chapter.

Heart Healthy Advice from Cardiologist Moms
Dr. Stephanie Coulter put on her mom hat for an article in DailySpark, which inquired to three cardiologist parents "How do you keep your kids healthy?" Dr. Coulter recommends to skip the kids' meals altogether, which are usually loaded with fat, calories, and salt. 

Dr. Stephanie Coulter, the MEGA Heart, and "The Doctors"
On the hit TV show "The Doctors," THI's Dr. Stephanie Coulter gives audiences a tour of the MEGA heart, a walkable heart exhibit that educates the public about heart anatomy and heart conditions.

Barbara Streisand on Doris Taylor
Halfway through a video highlighting the importance of women's heart health, famed singer Barbara Streisand discusses the stem cell research being conducted by THI's Dr. Doris Taylor and how her research can have a significant impact on both men and women. Visit the Regenerative Medicine Research page for more information about Dr. Taylor's innovative work.



November 17, 2012: Texas Heart Institute held its Third Annual Symposium on Risk, Diagnosis and Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease in Women. Speakers included THI's president Dr. James T. Willerson and director of the Women's Center for Heart & Vascular Health Dr. Stephanie Coulter. The audience especially enjoyed keynote speaker Dr. Doris A. Taylor and her talk on sex differences in cardiovascular disease and implications for therapies.


September 20, 2012: Teaching Women to Beat the Odds
Texas Heart Institute’s Center for Women's Heart & Vascular Health gave a free lecture Thursday, September 20th at The Health Museum to talk to women about how they can beat the odds of diminished quality of life or premature death due to cardiovascular diseases including heart attack, heart failure, stroke, and peripheral artery disease. The lecture included light refreshments and time to talk to actual cardiovascular event survivors.

Free Seminar on Heart Disease: How Women Can Beat the Odds

We Need to Talk... Women, Stress and Heart Disease
"I appreciate the fact that LHI cares enough about the women in our community to see their health services are seen to and we have the information we need to take care of ourselves." Dr. Stephanie Coulter discusses women and heart disease and an upcoming health screening on page 9 in the Lesbian Health Initiative Houston fall newsletter.

Heart disease numbers drop for Baby Boomers, still at high risk
"The death rate by heart attack for Baby Boomers declined by 25 % from 1997 to 2007. Experts say it may mean we're eating better and moving slightly more than our parents, but not enough." Dr. Stephanie Coulter, director of THI Center for Women's Heart & Vascular Health, discusses prevention and therapy in a special report by Houston Business Journal (PDF).

May 8, 9 & 11, 2012: Celebrating National Women's Health Week with Free Health Screenings 
Texas Heart Institute’s Center for Women's Heart & Vascular Health partnered with Neighborhood Center's Inc. (NCI) for a special Women's Health Event at Ripley House Community Center Tuesday, May 8th in celebration of National Women’s Health Week and Mother's Day. Over 60 women participated in a focused, cardiovascular health morning that included learning about their heart and vascular disease risk through an expanded comprehensive health screening and consultation with THI doctors, learning about healthy food choices through a heart healthy cooking demonstration and discussion, and learning about exercise and stress management through a special Zumba session finished off with a yoga session.  

This exciting event is the first of three that are being held around the community this week. The other two will be at  NCI's  Independence Heights Community Center on West Crosstimbers (Wednesday May 9th) and Cleveland-Ripley House Community Center in Pasadena. 

Latina Women Develop Heart Disease Earlier

Dr. Guilherme Silva, Interventional Cardiologist at Texas Heart Institute, tells Fox 26's "Hola Houston" why Latina women are more likely to develop heart disease earlier than their non-Hispanic counterparts and what they can do about it.


February 11, 2012: AHA Honors Dr.  Roberta BogaevDr. Roberta Bogaev

At the American Heart Association Heart Ball Dr. Roberta Bogaev was honored for her work during her time as the Medical Director of Heart Failure and Transplant at the Texas Heart Institute. Read the full story about her contributions to the field of medicine, including being an instrumental part of developing the Left Ventricular Assist Device, or LVAD, that was used by former Vice President Dick Cheney, among many others.

Teaming Up with H-E-B
To celebrate American Heart Month and promote healthy living throughout 2012, Texas Grocer H-E-B and Texas Heart Institute are teaming up to put women's heart health in the spotlight. Dr. Stephanie Coulter is featured on pages 8 and 9 of H-E-B's in-store magazine, TexasLife, to explain the best ways women can fight heart disease.


A Trustworthy Resource for Women
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office on Women's Health named THI's Heart Information Center (HIC) as a trustworthy source of health information for women. See the entire list of resources on or read the highlighted HIC article on exercise.

Advocating and Educating for Women's Heart Health 
THI educational resources for women are cited twice in the AWHONN Position Statement (Association of Women's Health, Obstetric & Neonatal Nursing) published in the Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, & Neonatal Nursing. In the Women's Cardiovascular Health paper, the authors reference the HIC topic, Women & Heart Disease, as well as "Straight Talk about Heart Attacks" in the Women's Center. Read the full position statement (PDF).

Sugary drinks hurt even skinny women's hearts 
"There are some calories that come like a nuclear attack," said Dr. Stephanie Coulter, director for the THI Center for Women's Heart & Vascular Health. Research reported at the American Heart Association meeting revealed that "Women who drink sugary beverages every day may be raising their risk for heart disease, even if their habit is not packing on the pounds." Learn more on the TODAY show website.


August 13, 2011: Back to School Health Fair 
The Texas Heart Institute Center for Women's Heart & Vascular Health continued its push to reach out into the community in meaningful ways and to broaden important research into women's heart health. We provided free health screenings at Neighborhood Centers Inc's Back to School Health Fair, a daylong health party at NCI's Harbach Ripley Community Center located in the Sunnyside neighborhood of southeast Houston. The Women's Center provided comprehensive cardiovascular disease screenings and recommendations to more than 120 women who otherwise would not have access to this level of care. THI specialists also educated them about their specific cardiovascular risks. We are especially grateful to Abbott Vascular for the grant that underwrote the lipid and glucose screenings.


June 16, 2011: Go Red Girlfriend
A diverse group of more than 130 women participated in the Go Red Girlfriendhealth conference at Neighborhood Centers Inc.'s Harbach-Ripley House in Southeast Houston. Attendees received free health screenings and consultations, participated in fun physical activities, nutrition and cooking demonstrations and learned the risk factors and warning signs for cardiovascular disease. This annual event was co-sponsored by the Texas Heart Institute Center for Women's Heart & Vascular Health, the Houston Chapter of the American Heart Association, and Neighborhood Centers Inc.

May 4, 2011: Taking a Look at Heart Disease Among WomenDr. Stephanie Coulter featured in report on women and heart disease.
Women are the primary caretakers in most families. Many of us take care of kids AND aging parents. But do we take care of ourselves? Do more women have breast cancer or heart disease? Watch the video (5:10) featuring THI Dr. Stephanie Coulter from

February 19, 2011: Women's Center Reaches Out with Free Screenings
The Texas Heart Institute Center for Women's Heart & Vascular Health is making a push to reach out into the community in meaningful ways and to broaden important research into women's heart health. The Center provided free health screenings at Vestido Rojo, a daylong health conference at Neighborhood Centers, Inc's (NCI's) Baker-Ripley Community Center. The lipid and glucose screenings were made possible through a grant from Abbott Vascular.

THI partnered in the event with the Houston Chapter of the American Heart Association, Texas Southern University Pharmacy Students and NCI, one of Houston's leading and oldest community centers. The skilled physicians and nurses of THI and St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital  helped make this event a particular success.The Vestido Rojo health conference was created for Latina women and their families to receive culturally relevant messages about heart disease and stroke. We provided cardiovascular disease screenings and recommendations to more than 90 individuals, who otherwise would not have access to this level of care. THI specialists also educated them about their specific cardiovascular risks.
Texas Executive Women meet at Texas Heart Institute.

March 8, 2011: Talking about Women's Heart Health
Texas Executive Women were welcomed to the Texas Heart Institute on the evening of March 8 for some "Straight Talk" about women and cardiovascular disease with Dr. Stephanie Coulter, director of THI's Center for Women's Heart & Vascular Health. A light meal and some weighty heart-health education and conversation were enjoyed by all.

February 10, 2011: Cooking with Heart
Cooking with HeartAn overflow crowd attended "Cooking with Heart" at Central Market. At this free event sponsored by Texas Heart Institute at St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital, the Central Market chef demonstrated how to prepare a delectable heart-healthy dinner including * Spinach and Strawberry Salad with Honey Mustard Vinaigrette, * Jewel Roasted Vegetables, * Herbed Quinoa, * Pesto Crusted Salmon, and * Espresso Cake with Raspberry Sauce. Dr. Scott Sherron, THI cardiologist (in photo), and Rita Zapien, St. Luke's registered dietitian, were on hand to discuss heart health tips.

The Heart of a Woman Fashion Show and Luncheon Feb. 5, 2011

February 5, 2011: A Healthy Heart is Fashionable
As part of Heart Month heart-health awareness efforts, Dr. Stephanie Coulter, director of the Texas Heart Institute's Center for Women's Heart & Vascular Health, was an honoree and the keynote speaker at The Heart of a Woman Fashion Show and Luncheon sponsored by The Elnita McClain Women's Center, Inc. Shown are, from left, Delores Hadnott with the American Red Cross; Dr. Coulter; Dr. Edith Clark from the Women's Missionary Society, Texas Conference; Honorary Chairperson Dr. Baxter Montgomery; American Heart Association volunteer Traci Jackson; and event emcee the Rev. Dr. Michael P. Williams. For more photos from the event, see the Texas Heart Institute Flickr site.

October 1, 2011: Annual continuing medical education event a resounding success 
Symposium focused on women and cardiovascular disease.Only 8% of primary care physicians, 13% of OB/GYNs and 17% of cardiologists are aware that more women than men die each year from heart disease, according to the American Heart Association. Many are also unaware that heart attack symptoms in women differ from those in men and that women respond differently to treatments. To address this awareness gap, the Texas Heart Institute Office of Continuing Medical Education (CME) will be offering an annual symposium titled Risk, Diagnosis and Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease in Women. The inaugural event, on September 11, 2010, was a resounding success with more than 100 participants. The presenters' expertise and enthusiasm engaged participants throughout the 6-hour program and the high participation rate evidenced the interest and need for such a program among medical professionals. The Second Annual Symposium will be held October 1, 2011.


Houston Mayor Annise ParkerOctober 7, 2010: City of Houston Joins in Announcement
The Texas Heart Institute joined with Houston Mayor Annise Parker and a host of other dignitaries to announce the establishment of the new Center for Women’s Heart & Vascular Health. View a video clip of the event.


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