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Nutrition Fun for Kids
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Nutrition Fun for Kids
Project Heart At Texas Heart Institute, we believe that children should get involved in their own heart health, and getting heart-healthy starts with nutrition! Our Project Heart program for kids in grades K-6 has fun tools just for them. Try some of these cool activities, brought to you by the Project Heart Robot, Cool-E.
  • Take the Healthy Chef Challenge: Explore the kitchen and learn 12 healthy kid recipes, how to plan a healthy menu, how to modify existing recipes, and more.

  • Nutrition Match! Online Game: Learn about the basic food groups plus food group impostors like those that are too high in fat, sugar, and salt in this fun tile matching game.

  • Best Served Cold Online Game: Help Cool-E get revenge on the impostors by collecting foods from the five food groups and stomping on those that have too much sugar, fat, or salt. Learn about healthy food choices in this classic side scrolling adventure game.

  • Fun Facts on Nutrition: Learn some interesting facts about minerals, vitamins, and more with this interactive presentation on nutrition.

  • The Facts on Food Labels: A printout worksheet that shows kids how to read a nutrition facts food label.

  • Bakery Buff Cool-E Shorty: How much does it take to burn off a piece of chocolate cake? Learn about energy balance in Cool-E’s bakery.

  • Beets Me Cool-E Shorty: Learn about fruits and vegetables in Cool-E’s garden.

  • What’s In the Kitchen? Cool-E Shorty: Investigate the sites and sounds of Chef Cool-E’s kitchen full of cooking tools.

  • Plates and Pyramids Cool-E Shorty: Explore an interactive Food Guide Pyramid, MyPyramid and MyPlate.

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Updated August 2016
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