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I have aortic and mitral valve disease. Would exercise be recommended?
Could my thyroid medication adversely affect my aortic valve?
Is my concern justified regarding heart disease and chronic tooth/jaw infections?
My Tetralogy of Fallot was corrected. Should I now have my pulmonary valve replaced?
Who is a candidate for non-invasive aortic valve replacement?
Can infected teeth affect a person’s heart?
I have mitral valve prolapse.  May I lift weights in the gym?
hould I see a cardiologist for mild mitral valve prolapse and diastolic dysfunction?
Are there minimally invasive techniques for repairing a mitral valve?
Do people feel pain with a leaky mitral valve?
What can I do to control symptoms associated with MVPS?
Is it common to do an angio on an artificial pulmonary valve?
I have mitral regurgitation and an enlarged left atrium. What does this mean?
Is sweating related to my heart valve issue?
Should my brother proceed with treatment for MR or wait until symptoms occur?
Is it necessary to have an annual stress echo for a bicuspid aortic valve?
Can you explain more about a slight heart murmur?
Can mitral valve regurgitation be reversed without surgery?
Is it possible to have a ‘clean’ heart cath and normal EF, and still have CHF?
What is the procedure for repairing a heart valve?
Can scar tissue grow and block off coronary arteries after a Bentall valve replacement?
Can a person have mitral valve prolapse without a detectable murmur?
Based on these symptoms, is it time for heart valve surgery?
Are my symptoms related to Tetralogy of Fallot or GERD?
What are my options for treatment of my aortic valve stenosis?
Is now a good time to have my mitral valve repaired?
Is my father a candidate for non-invasive aortic valve replacement?
How can I prevent my heart from further damage regarding concentric left ventricular hypertrophy?  Will EECP help?
Will my leaking valves get worse?
Will my ascending aortic dilation reverse after I have my aortic valve replaced?
Do you perform percutaneous HVD therapy (valve-in-valve replacement)?
Would I be able to have heart valve replacements, given damage from my heart attack?
What is the best treatment for moderate-severe MR after MVR for bacterial endocarditis?
What do these echocardiogram results mean?
What decides when a valve can be repaired instead of replaced?
What can I do for worsening symptoms of mitral valve prolapse (MVP)?
Should my dad have a third valve replaced?
Should I have balloon valvuloplasty or TAVR for my aortic valve stenosis?
Should I be worried about a hemoglobin of 9? I have 2 leaking heart valves.
Please explain about secondary PH due to valve issues.
Is there ever a time when damage is so severe that heart replacement valve surgery is not advisable?
Is my pulmonary hypertension reversible?
Is a leaking mitral and/or tricuspid valve normal?
Is a dilated ascending aorta important in common with aortic regurgitation?
How seriously must one take mild sclerotic aortic valve changes?
Do these values suggest that I need surgery on my heart valve?
Can I lift over 50 lbs at work or will this make my valve leak worse?
Can a leaking heart valve be treated with medicine?
Are my father’s CHF symptoms reflective of functional MR?
Can a leaking mitral valve be genetic? I am an identical twin.

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