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What decides when a valve can be repaired instead of replaced?


What is the procedure for repairing a heart valve?


I have aortic and mitral valve disease. Would exercise be recommended?


Can robotic surgery be used to correct double valve disease and a fib?


Can a leaking heart valve be treated with medicine?


Can mitral valve regurgitation be reversed without surgery?


Is sweating related to my heart valve issue?


I have irregular heartbeats and a mitral valve problem. What can I do?


Is my father a candidate for non-invasive aortic valve replacement?


Is a leaking mitral and/or tricuspid valve normal?


What is your experience with pulmonary mechanical valves in Tetralogy of Fallot?


Is my 85 year old uncle a candidate for minimally invasive aortic valve surgery?


I have mitral valve prolapse.  May I lift weights in the gym?


What is optimum timing for me to pursue another mitral valve repair or replacement?


Please explain about secondary PH due to valve issues.


Is now a good time to have my mitral valve repaired?


Could my thyroid medication adversely affect my aortic valve?


With mild aortic valve disease, can I push myself [running] without danger?


Who is a candidate for non-invasive aortic valve replacement?


What are my options for treatment of my aortic valve stenosis?


Do people feel pain with a leaky mitral valve?


Is it necessary to have an annual stress echo for a bicuspid aortic valve?


What is the general progression of mitral valve disease in a young healthy adult?


Is my lifestyle a significant contributory factor in/to my enlarged ascending aorta?


What centimeter squared measurement is considered critical aortic stenosis?


Is it possible to have a ‘clean’ heart cath and normal EF, and still have CHF?


Is there ever a time when damage is so severe that heart replacement valve surgery is not advisable?


My Tetralogy of Fallot was corrected. Should I now have my pulmonary valve replaced?


Can any of my medications be discontinued now that I’ve had my heart valve replaced?


Is it normal to have problems with other heart valves after MVR?


With my family's cardiac history, what should I do to be proactive about my health?


Is elevated diastolic pressure related to coarctation or bicuspid aortic valve?


What do these echocardiogram results mean?


hould I see a cardiologist for mild mitral valve prolapse and diastolic dysfunction?


Would I be able to have heart valve replacements, given damage from my heart attack?


Are there symptoms as a blood clot forms on a heart valve?


I have a leaking aortic valve with palpations only. When should I have surgery?


Meet the Heart Doctor: Zvonimir Krajcer, MD


Could a blow to the chest cause tricuspid regurgitation?


I have mitral regurgitation and an enlarged left atrium. What does this mean?


Do I have a serious valve condition that will require surgery?


What can I do for worsening symptoms of mitral valve prolapse (MVP)?


May my mom consider dabigatran, given that warfarin isn’t working out for her?


Meet the Heart Doctor: Andres Mesa, MD


What are the implications of blood entering the heart quickly but leaving it slowly?


What does pulmonary regurgitation fraction of 38% mean?


From a severity standpoint, is it okay to wait 6 weeks to have this evaluated?


Is my concern justified regarding heart disease and chronic tooth/jaw infections?


What is the best pre-surgical clearance test to determine cardiac fitness?


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