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Is it normal to have two beats together (since mine are not 'skipped' beats) ?

Started having missed beats after a few tiring days with little hours of sleep. It lasted one day then went away but then came back the very next day. Went to a doctor in prompt care; they did ECG which came back normal as I didn't have any during that time.  So they hooked me to a heart monitor for 30 minutes in which  I had two episodes lasting 10 to 15 seconds. The doctor determined that these weren't skipped beats but actually two beats coming together. She said that my heart looked healthy otherwise and to monitor these episodes if I get too irritated and that everyone has them but I just noticed them. Is this normal? How did she know that these are nothing serious and will they ever stop?  

submitted by Zohaib from California on 6/19/2014


by Texas Heart Institute cardiologist, J. Alberto Lopez, MD    

J. Alberto Lopez, MDProbably what the doctor noted were PVC (premature ventricular beats) in a bigeminal pattern (one normal one premature, one normal one premature, one normal...).  She is correct with the statement that they are not important IF there is no heart disease.  

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Updated June 2014
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