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Am I at risk because of a low LDL?

I have total cholesterol of 136, LDL 85, HDL 39, and triglycerides 52. Am I at risk because of low HDL or do the other numbers cancel that out? 

submitted Brian from Maryland on 7/5/2013


by Texas Heart Institute cardiologist, Patrick J. Cook, MD    

Patrick J. Cook, MDA low LDL doesn't mean that a low HDL is of no consequence, but one can't plug it into an overall assessment of CAD (coronary artery disease) risk without knowing the status of other risk factors (hypertension, family history, diabetes, smoking). While patients with low HDLs fare worse than those with normal (or high) HDLs, there's not much evidence that pharmacologically raising the HDL is beneficial. 

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Updated July 2013
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