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Am I having an arrhythmia or just plain losing my mind?

I haven't told my Family Practice Professional for fear she would think I was nuts, but I have a momentary vibration that occurs on the upper left side of my heart. It is actually audible to me. At first, I thought my cell phone was laying on my chest in "vibrate" mode. Later, when I was standing I thought I had it tucked into my sports bra. It has that identical sound and feel! When I feel/hear it, I am usually sitting, standing, lying down and I feel absolutely no stress or strain (both psychologically & physically). It may happen when I am working out, but I don't notice it due to the loud music and/or intense physical activity. Okay, it just happened and I automatically grabbed for my cell phone, but of course, it was my heart. I am scared that I am either suffering from some sort of arrhythmia or I'm just plain losing my mind. Neither of which I am happy about! Thanks.

submitted by Tina from Idaho on 3/18/2013


Mehdi Razavi, MDby Texas Heart Institute cardiologist, Mehdi Razavi, MD     

Hi Tina - Your symptoms are a bit unusual, but heart rhythm disturbances can manifest in many ways. I would discuss with your physician and would give consideration to wearing an ambulatory event monitor that you wear during the course of the day. This would help tell you if your symptoms are due to a rhythm abnormality or not. Best wishes.         

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Updated March 2013
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