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I have a sluggish ventricle per heart cath. What should be done?

I had an abnormal EKG and abnormal stress test. I was sent for a cardiac cath and was told I have no blockages but have a sluggish ventricle. I was having shortness of breath which led me to see my doctor. The cardiologist that did the cath said nothing to worry about. I'm confused and worried. What are the causes and what should be done? Help

submitted by Daunerunkle from Red Lion, Pennsylvania on 2/16/2013


by Texas Heart Institute cardiologist, George Younis, MD    

George Younis, MDA sluggish ventricle is a rather vague description but suggests a slight weakening of the heart's pumping function, which can possibly cause shortness of breath. Tests that could confirm this diagnosis include echocardiography, which you may have already had. The "nothing to worry about" may have been specifically in regards to blockages, of which you have none apparently. You should as always discuss your concern with the doctor who initially arranged for the heart cath, as s/he would be best able to "put it all together". In any event if the heart is weak and we most commonly don’t find a cause, treatment of such a problem is principally medication-based and typically symptom driven.    

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Updated February 2013
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