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Do I need a fourth open heart operation?  

I have had three previous AVR surgeries. I currently have a human aortic valve xenograft that was implanted 19 yrs ago. I have developed an ascending aortic aneurysm (6cm). My aortic valve has an ejection fraction of 62% and L atrial volume index of 31.3 ml/m2. I've been told I need surgery again to repair the aneurysm and have my AVR for the fourth time. Do you agree with this recommendation?

submitted by Richard from Montana on 2/11/2013


by Texas Heart Institute cardiovascular surgeon, David A. Ott, MD  

David A. Ott, MDIf the valve has to be replaced, you may be a candidate for a percutaneous valve [Edwards Sapien or Medtronic Corevalve].  If the aorta has been enlarging, then an open sternotomy operation will be required to replace the segment of the aorta and the valve.    

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Updated February 2013
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