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When should I be concerned about my heart skipping beats? 

I have been having problems with my heart skipping beats, or at least that's what it felt like. I have talked to my doctor about this and she had me wear a heart monitor for 24 hours. Of course while I was wearing it, it only happened once so she told me not to worry about it. It seemed to get better for a few months but has recently become worse again. I have had episodes last over an hour at a time and it is a very uncomfortable feeling. When should I be concerned? I've left messages for my doctor and she doesn't seemed concerned enough to call me back but something doesn't seem right.

submitted by Michelle from McAlester, Oklahoma 1/21/2013


by Texas Heart Institute cardiologist, Ali Massumi, MD  

Ali Massumi, MDThese skips are significant if one has major heart disease. If you have a good, healthy heart, the skips are not usually serious. Caffeine, alcohol, smoking, stress, lack of sleep or sleep apnea can contribute. Of course a medicine like flecainide usually suppresses these extra beats. Please consult with your doctor about your uncomfortable symptoms. 

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Updated January 2013
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