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Am I a candidate for the unroofing procedure for my myocardial bridge? 

I was recently diagnosed with myocardial bridging (MB). They found it during a heart cath. I had an echo stress test and in a minute my pulse went from 90 to 180! The doctor doing the stress test thought there was a blockage, for the heart was swelling up like a balloon in the pictures. I had awful chest pain and left arm pain. The doctor doing the cath said that I have tachycardia and when my pulse races, the muscle clamps down on the artery which causes an obstruction of blood flow, and this is why I had the chest pain and left arm pain.  

My question is this: Would I be a candidate for the unroofing procedure? I cannot exercise at all without getting pain and shortness of breath. I am on Cardizem and Plavix. I spent a week in the hospital due to a mild stroke. My pulse went high and within a half hour my whole left leg was numb. The doctors found blood clot on my brain. I am undergoing an EP study to look at the circuits in my heart. I just want to make sure that I am getting the best care and look forward to you giving me any advice that you can about whether MB is complicating my tachycardia. Thank you. 

submitted by Carolyn from Pennsylvania on 1/4/2013


by Texas Heart Institute cardiovascular surgeon, J. Michael Duncan, MD    J. Michael Duncan, MD

It sounds like you would be a good candidate for surgical division of the myocardial bridge.     

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Updated January 2013
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