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I take aspirin and flax seed, and bruise easily. Am I overdoing it taking both?

I am a 75 year old male and am on an aspirin regimen of 81 mg p/day. I also have flax seed each day containing 1400 mg of Omega 3. I get bruises very easily and when I bleed, it is excessive. Am I overdoing it taking both? I have no history of heart disease personally, but a strong family history of it.

submitted by Shel from San Diego, California on 8/20/2012


by Texas Heart Institute cardiologist, George Younis, MD    

George Younis, MDMany people have bruising on aspirin. The actual bleeding effect of a flax seed supplement, on the other hand, has never been proven to be significant despite lofty claims -- and in all likelihood, is very minimal.  Perhaps try taking the aspirin every other day, but be sure to tell your doctor about the bleeding so you can be tested for other things.      

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Updated August 2012
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