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Is it smart to take Niacin to prevent heart disease?

Is it smart to take Niacin to prevent heart disease, despite not having had a heart attack or extremely abnormal lipids? My lipids are relatively normal with LDL at around 80, HDL around 40, and triglycerides around 60, but I have pattern B LDL and, as such, my doctor has put me on Niacin (1500mg) in order to change the pattern to A and also boost my HDL a bit. Also, my father has had three heart attacks (all before age 50), but is alive thankfully, so I have the genetic disadvantage. Unfortunately I also have borderline hypertension (130-145/60-70) and take BP meds to control it. I am only 22. PLEASE HELP! 

submitted by James from Los Angeles, California on 3/18/2012

George Younis, MDAnswer:

by Texas Heart Institute cardiologist, George Younis, MD  

The data on niacin for primary prevention has been disputed somewhat in recent clinical trials, however, in your situation I think is makes sense and is reasonable.  

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Updated March 2012
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