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What should I do about these PVCs and PACs which worry me?

I have PVC's [premature ventricular contractions] and PAC's [premature atrial contractions] daily. I have had every heart test imaginable and they cannot find one thing wrong with me. I am a 50 year old female. I know they say that "occasional" palpitations are nothing to worry about. Is occasional considered once a minute, once and hour, once a day, once a week? I feel every single one of these darn things. My last Holter records 24 PAC's and 55 PVC's. I also get this feeling every so often when my heart starts fluttering for a few seconds and then does a big bang and goes by to normal. I have been under a lot of stress recently and wonder if this is the reason for it doing this. I can get this a couple of times a week or sometimes a couple of times a year. It has just been twice this week so far and it worries me! Cardio seems to think I am a-okay but I worry so much about these sensations. Can you clarify? Thank you!  

submitted Cathy from Canada on 3/13/2012


Mohammad Saeed, MDby Texas Heart Institute cardiologist, Mohammad Saeed, MD    

PACs and PVCs are very common and usually not treated unless:
A) They are causing symptoms; like in your case, or
B) Are very frequent; usually thousands in number in a 24 hour period.
In your case, treatment with a low-dose antiarrhythmic drug (such as flecainide) should be tried and will most likely provide symptomatic relief. Please discuss with your cardiologist.     

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Updated March 2012
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