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After the Lariat procedure, will the heart return to normal sinus rhythm?

Would I be a viable candidate for this latest Afib procedure with a Lariat tie-off in the left atria?  I am 76 and have been in chronic Afib for four years. Besides stopping use of a blood thinner, will the heart return to normal sinus? 

submitted by Stephen from Texas on 4/27/2011


by Texas Heart Institute cardiovascular surgeon, William E. Cohn, MD  

William E. Cohn, MDHey Stephen. No one knows if it is safe to stop Coumadin after having one's left atrial appendage tied off, but we think it will be. We need to gather more data, but it is compelling to think that once the LAA is closed, clots can no longer break off from inside the appendage and be pumped to the brain. There is no data to suggest that having the Lariat procedure will favorably affect the heart rhythm, so if you're in atrial fibrillation before the procedure, chances are you'll still be in atrial fibrillation after the procedure.  

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Updated May 2011
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