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"Heart to Heart"
Dr. James T. Willerson
A letter from Dr. Willerson, President of Texas Heart Institute.

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   February 2014                                                                  Vol. 15, No. 1

 Stop by the THI Library & LRC
on Fridays at 2:00

This year, we've put our classes at the same time each week to make them easier to remember. If you have the time, drop in and learn something new. We keep classes short, sweet, and practical to make the most of your time.

Classes are free and open to everyone!

Check out our 2014 schedule below or on our website. If you don't see a class for something you need to brush up on, call us. We can point you to resources accessible in the medical center or on your desktop.

Don't forget to pencil us in on your weekly calendar. Hope to see you soon!

Sonya and Rebecca

 Hack your work life with
these skill-building classes

Astro done
Rapid Research Alerts                        Jan 24 2-3:30*
Tools for keeping up with                   
the flood of new information -
in the news and in medical journals

Impressive Presentations                   Feb 14 2-3:00
Basic presentation design principles,
relaxation techniques, and public speaking tips

Resources for Research                                                    Feb 21 2-3:00
Where to look for books, articles, and other resources
for study or research, and how to obtain them

Write it Right! Writing for the Workplace                            Mar 28 2-3:30
Clear and effective, day-to-day written
communications and e-mail etiquette

 Pick up new tricks in these software classes

LLRC_mouse_blue Wonders of Word: Beyond the Basics   Jan 31 2-4:00
Hands-on practice editing and
formatting MS Word documents!

End Note                                           Feb 28 2-3:30
Introduction to downloading citations,
managing the collection, and creating
reference lists in Word                                              

PowerPoint I                                                                     Mar 7 2-3:30
The basic tools you need to
create presentations from scratch

PowerPoint II
The basics of visual elements for your presentations -              Mar 14 2-4:00
images, videos, tables, charts, and animations

Excel                                                                                                  Mar 21 2-4:00
Crash course in data entry tricks,
formatting and basic formulas
Learn your way around the
literature in these database classes

Google Scholar
                                     Feb 7 2-3:30
Secrets to using this free resource's
unique features for full text searches or
finding obscure papers  


PubMed: Basic Navigation
                                                   Apr 4 2-3:30
Introduction to literature searching using the
PubMed interface and options for customization

PubMed: Search Strategies                                                Apr 11 2-3:30
Techniques for more sophisticated searches
using strategies that apply to any database


Introduction to this powerful tool for discovering        By Request *(1-2 hours)
new literature and tracking citation counts   

*ALL classes are available by request. Just call to schedule a one-on-one session or a group class at a time you choose!

Library & Learning Resource Center

Sonya Fogg, Manager  ♦  Rebecca Ajtai, Coordinator of Library Services
Gregg Doty, Library Assistant  ♦  Dr. Patrick J. Hogan, Director
LRC Hours ♦ Mon. through Fri. ♦ 7:30 am - 5:00 pm    ♦    832-355-9560

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