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"Heart to Heart"
Dr. James T. Willerson
A letter from Dr. Willerson, President of Texas Heart Institute.

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L&LRC E-News November 2013

   November 2013                                                              Vol. 14, No. 8

 Sort by relevance: PubMed's new feature

PubMed sort by relevance

PubMed now allows you to sort your search results by relevance. Relevance is determined by an algorithm that analyzes each citation for how many times the search terms appear, what field they are in and how recently the article was published. 

This will put the more relevant results at the top of the page and mean less time searching. Why didn't they do this sooner?

The default sort order is still "Recently Added," but you can change it in your My NCBI account. If you don't want to change the default, just select the sort order at each new session. Look for "Relevance" in the "Display Settings" menu.


P.S. The Best Books page was recently updated! This month's topic is cardiac arrhythmias.

 Hot tea for cold days and healthy hearts

Gregg with his morning cup of tea
I am a "summer guy." I hate cold weather. I'm also a "Southern guy" and I love my sweet iced tea. But when the weather starts to turn colder (booooo!!), I switch from iced tea to hot tea.

People have been drinking tea for centuries. Research now suggests tea can fight cardiovascular disease and lengthen life due to its high concentration of beneficial antioxidants called polyphenols. Many foods have antioxidants but tea is uniquely rich in a group of polyphenols called catechins, which are believed to inhibit the production of free radicals in the lining of the arteries, help prevent the formation of blood clots, and reduce hypertension, among other benefits.

Did you know there are more than 1,500 types of tea? It's categorized based on how much processing is done to the tea leaves. The greater the processing, the fewer the heart-healthy benefits. Black tea has been processed the most. White tea is probably the most beneficial because it has been processed the least, but has not been studied as much as green tea. And there's red tea, yellow tea, oolong tea, post-fermented tea—well, you get the picture. Regardless of which tea you prefer, they're ALL heart-healthy

For me, I'll have a couple of cups of hot green tea every day during the winter months, with a bit of Texas honey for flavor. It's "heart-warming" and heart-healthy. Give me some good books, a comfy blanket and a cup of hot tea and I might be able to make it until spring. — Gregg

P.S. Looking for a book to curl up with over the holidays? Try something from our history of medicine collection.

 More than 15,000 electronic journals:
How much would you pay?

Electronic journals for free Activate your Texas Medical Center Library account today and get full text article access for no fee!

Not possible, you say? With a resource access password, you can access journal articles from any computer or mobile device (see the May issue of the L&LRC eNews and the TMC website for details on mobile resources). But wait — there's more! Your account also includes access to more than 9,000 eBooks, 240 databases, free inter-library loan service, and the ability to check out books. 

THI staff with "" e-mail addresses need to bring this registration form to the THI Library & LRC for approval. All other THI-associated trainees, physicians, surgeons, and personnel can contact us to learn your best route for accessing electronic journal articles and other resources from the TMC Library. — Sonya 

P.S. If you already have access, call us with any questions about taking full advantage of the wide range of electronic resources.
 Heart-healthy Thanksgiving

Dr. Gobbles wishing you a heart-healthy Thanksgiving
In my house, Thanksgiving has always been about food and football. Just because Thanksgiving is celebrated with so many tasty dishes doesn't mean that the holiday has to undermine your weight loss or heart health goals. To help you stay on track —

  • Keep active.
  • Make sure you eat breakfast - skipping it will make you really hungry by dinner time and more likely to over-indulge. 
  • Lose some fat and sugar - lighten up your dishes by reducing the amount of butter and oil in foods. You can also reduce the amount of sugar or use a sugar substitute in recipes. 
  • Watch your portion sizes
  • Savor your food - eat slowly and savor every bite of your feast. This will help you feel more satisfied at the end of the meal. 
  • Choose whole grains, fruits, and veggies
  • Go easy on the alcohol - remember the calories in alcohol can add up quickly. 
  • Focus on friends and family.

For more ideas, see "Seven Holiday Tips" from the American Diabetes Association. Have a happy, and heart-heathy, Thanksgiving! — Rachael, L&LRC volunteer

  Literally giving thanks. . .
Lori consulting with Gregg and Sonya in the THI LibraryThe newsletter is our voice, and we appreciate you listening every month. But, we have a silent partner, someone who makes the newsletter truly sing. She works behind the scenes to make us sound better and adds the images, hyperlinks, and formatting. Since this is our last newsletter with her on the team, we want to thank her for the inspiration to take our newsletter to a new level and for everything she has done to make us look great - both in the newsletter and on the website. Thank you, Lori Buffum! — THI Library & LRC Staff

 Sign-closedHoliday hours

The Library & LRC will be closed over the Thanksgiving holiday, starting at Noon on Wednesday, November 27 and staying closed all day Thursday and Friday, reopening on Monday, December 2 at 7:30 a.m.

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