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"Heart to Heart"
Dr. James T. Willerson
A letter from Dr. Willerson, President of Texas Heart Institute.

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L&LRC E-News August 2013

   August 2013                                                                    Vol. 14, No. 6

  Back in port after another great cruise 

Thanks from the crew to everyone who came to our Library Love Boat Open House last month. It was great to welcome some new faces to THI and catch up with familiar ones.

Shuffleboard at the open houseWe had several heated shuffleboard matches, and a handful of golden life preserver winners in the trivia game. 

There were 415 life-savers in the jar. The winner with the closest guess (405!!) was Moayed Ibrahim, an observing student with Dr. Duncan, and he took home a signed copy of Dr. Cooley's book, 100,000 Hearts. Gloria Ramos in Biostatistics and Epidemiology won the jar of sweets, and a visitor from Dallas won the coffee shop gift card. 

THI Library open house July 2013

And cake was enjoyed by all! — Captain Gregg and the Library & LRC crew

 Spotlight on heart valve disease

Journal of Heart Valve Disease  
The library now has a current subscription to the Journal of Heart Valve Disease, the official journal of the Society for Heart Valve Disease. The journal is co-edited by THI's Chief of Cardiology, Dr. Blase Carabello. Our library is the only place you can find this journal locally, so come take a look!  

And don't miss the updated Best Books page with a selection of books on heart valve disease. 
— Rebecca

 Never stop learning!

Massive open online courses Massive open online courses (MOOCs) are great ways to explore a topic at your own pace and on your own schedule. You can either just dip your toes in or dive right in since they're free and not for credit. THI employees have recently taken MOOCs in data visualization from UT and medical statistics from Stanford. I've just signed up for one on library cataloging to update my skills.  

There are in-depth courses on subjects like epidemiology, data management, computer programming, bioinformatics, public speaking, and even Roman architecture (maybe they talk about atria). Harvard is offering Fundamentals of Clinical Trials starting in October.  

Read more about them at and browse the listings at Coursera, Edx, and Udacity. — Sonya 

P.S. Speaking of classes, the THI library offers short, in-person training sessions designed to give you practical tips you can use right away. We just added two new classes for fall - Wonders of Word and Write it Right. Register today. 

Register online now for L&LRC classes.

Cool eats for summer heat

Summer heatI'm more likely to eat a light salad or some fruit than something heavy during these hot, humid summer days and now is the peak time for berries. Recently, I made a Tart and Sweet Strawberry Salad that was easy and delish and contains lots of heart-healthy good eats. 

I "marinated" some sliced strawberries with a bit of brown sugar for 10-15 minutes. Then I tossed the berries with some balsamic vinegar (use a GOOD one) kicked up with a dose of fresh black pepper. I added some walnuts for "crunch" and some chopped basil. I put the berries on spinach and–voila!–super heart-healthy good eats!

   Library & Learning Resource Center

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