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The Great Pumpkin Fun Run 2012.
Great Pumpkin
Fun Run

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L&LRC E-News October 2012

  October 2012                                                                 Vol. 13, No. 8

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness  –
What you learn could save a life

October is one of my favorite months. The weather is turning cooler and I can finally pull out those cute boots that have been hiding in my closet all summer! Plus, Halloween is around the corner, and who doesn't love dressing up and eating candy? Don't let those creepy costumes and haunted houses scare you into sudden cardiac arrest, because October is also sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) awareness month. The THI Heart Information Center helps explain sudden cardiac arrest (which is very different than a heart attack). 

 Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness - from the Heart Rhythm Society 

There are some great resources on the Heart Rhythm Society (HRS) website. The website offers free talks and educational materials for providers as well as for patients. Free campaign materials to download include a flyer and PowerPoint slides. 

Also, come by the library and check out our display of books related to SCA. Wishing you a happy Halloween and hope to see you on Saturday at the Great Pumpkin Fun Run!Rebecca

What does Open Access Week
mean for you? 

Open Access to journal articles

Did you know that the Texas Heart Institute Journal is available online for free through PMC (formerly PubMed Central)? Open access journals that make their content available at no charge to readers are celebrated this week. Publishing a peer-reviewed journal is never easy, but journals like THI's are committed to making the latest research available without payment barriers. Next time you submit a paper, consider open access alternatives like the THI Journal, or don't sign away all of your copyrights so that you can archive and share your own article. Take some time this week to learn more (from SPARC) about your author rights and how to submit an author addendum to the publisher to retain more rights to your own work.  

Cardiovascular news delivered to you

News Beats from the THI Library

"News Beats" is a compendium of the latest stories about cardiovascular health, disease, and treatments. Every day I search the major media outlets —from CNN to the BBC to CBS to the Houston Chronicle— for the best stories. For example, recent headlines have included "sitting for too long is bad for you," "Americans' lower cholesterol levels isn't all good news," "the deadly threat of silent heart attacks," and "antioxidant-rich foods can lower heart attack risks for women." The News Beats website is updated regularly and you can subscribe to that RSS feed (see link on web page). I post print copies of the stories on a bulletin board in the Learning Resource Center (by the way, we now have a bigger board—check it out).

I've also started linking to those stories on our WordPress blog. You can access the blog from your feed reader or inbox (click on the "Follow" button).

Talk to us about creating custom news reports or literature scans that can be sent directly to your inbox.  We can be sure you're never in the dark about the news you need! — Gregg

Stop shelling out for articles 

Pecans - NOT available from the THI LibraryPecans are falling like mad in our backyard! Although it's lots of work, we are gathering and shelling them. Why pay for something when you don't have to? 

NEVER pay full price for an article from the publisher! Our librarians can usually find articles for you. (THI already pays for access to more than 9,000 journals.) If we can't find them in our collection, we can look in several other "sister" libraries in Houston. If even that fails, we can submit an inter-library loan request, which usually runs only about $5. 

If you want to learn more about finding full text yourself, call and we'll walk you through some of our most useful tricks of the trade. I also recommend our Resources for Research class (register now for November 2nd). If you don't have time to do it yourself, don't worry, just send us the list and we'll get them for you within 2 business days (we can often fill requests within 2 hours).

Celebrating Medical Librarians

Just remember to call us before shelling out cash for articles. We can get them for less . . . now back to those pecans. — Sonya 

Our colleagues at the TMC Library (Jesse Jones Library Building) are hosting a Halloween Open House on October 30th from 11 am to 1 pm.  See what your medical library has for you, enjoy refreshments, and be eligible to enter a drawing. For details ...   

Halloween Open House at The TMC Library

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