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L&LRC E-News October 2011

  October 2011                                                                  Vol. 12, No. 8

Find publications by THI professional staff

Texas Heart Institute Professional Staff

A catalog of Texas Heart Institute professional staff publications for 2009, 2010, and the first three quarters of 2011 is now available to the public. Use this link:

THI's researchers, cardiologists and surgeons publish scientific papers, at the rate of almost 30 a month! A brand new database listing THI professional staff publications is now available for 2009-2011 papers.

RefShare logoThis dynamic RefWorks database format allows anyone to search the list of publications and create bibliographies. The online list will be updated monthly, and you can even set up an RSS feed to alert you to the latest additions. The list can be viewed by year or by staff member, using the folders. You can also search using terms in the PubMed record—and even link out to PubMed with just a click. Want to print a bibliography? Use the tool to format in the journal style of your choosing and voila, instant publication list to print and share with colleagues, patients, or your boss. Take a look and find out what everyone has been up to! — Sonya

p.s. We are working to incorporate the indices from 2004 through 2008 into the RefWorks database. Until that is accomplished, you can find those on the THI website: Index of Collected Papers

Surf the news via our shortcut  

Surfing for informationI've always been an "info junkie." I read everything—books, magazines, newspapers, you name it—and these days, like everybody else, I surf the net. And we all know there's WAY too much information out there. To keep you informed about the latest cardiovascular news and developments, while keeping information overload to a minimum, we do some surfing for you.

"News Beats" cites popular news stories. Every day I search media outlets for the best stories. They run the gamut from diet (dark chocolate is good for you!) to devices, research to recipes, tests to treatments. "News Beats" on the web ( is updated regularly and I post print copies of the articles on a bulletin board in the Library & LRC. Online, "News Beats" also includes handy library tips such as announcements about new classes or new services. Next time you go surfing, let us help you catch the best waves. — Gregg

Consult with big sister

The TMC LibraryI occasionally need a book or journal that we don't have in our small but excellent collection. I find those items at our big sister library. Formerly called the Houston Academy of Medicine, Texas Medical Center Library, the TMC Library recently updated its homepage:

For those of you who mainly use the website to gain access to online journals, you might want to bookmark this page:  

Did you know the TMC Library offers classes? Find a current list here:  

We are happy to help you navigate the TMC Library online or in person. — Ranger

Celebrating National Medical Librarians Month
p.s. Did you know that October is National Medical Librarians Month? Treat your favorite librarian to a free, low-calorie, heart-felt thanks.

 Questions? Just Ask!

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Just ask 

The only stupid question is the one not asked. Cliched as it may be, it is true – asking questions is a good thing! And what's great about the THI library is that you don't even have to be here to ask your questions. "Ask the Librarians" is a reference service on our website allowing you to submit questions for any type of library assistance you need, such as researching background information, writing papers, locating resources, learning about software, etc. Simply fill out the short online form with your questions and contact information and get a response back from Sonya or Ranger (usually within 24 hours on weekdays). So who says you need to "go to the library"? Instead, let us bring the library to you!  — Shab   

Sonya Fogg, Manager     ♦     Sara Ranger, Coordinator of Library Services
Gregg Doty, Library Assistant     ♦     Shab Vakil, Student Worker
Dr. Patrick J. Hogan, Director     ♦     832-355-9560

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