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L&LRC E-News August 2011

  August 2011                                                                        Vol. 12, No. 6

LaTisa Johnson tries her hand at the Carnival ring toss.A Great Day at the Open House Carnival 

Congratulations to our Open House Carnival raffle winners: Jeanette Hogan, who won a copy of Near Misses in Cardiac Surgery signed by Dr. Cooley, and Yihong Gao, and Jiangli Han who both won Starbucks gift cards! Photo: LaTisa Johnson (THI) tries her hand at the ring toss.

The library staff welcomed many visitors to the L&LRC that day. The cake and prizes were a hit so look for our next open house in 2012. Until then, take advantage of the services our staff recommend to assist you with research and study. — Sonya

Personalized News Digests 
 News overload made digestible.    
     I have a distinct memory of my mom berating me during my college years, but not for bad grades or wasting my money on pizza. No, she was angry at my ignorance of the news outside my ivory tower. She'd be happy to know that part of my job now is to scan newspapers, magazines and blogs for heart-related stories. I choose the best articles, summarize them, and send news reports to library patrons who have requested a news digest.  It's a quick and easy way to keep up with how the popular press portrays heart disease, obesity, women and heart disease, treatment advances, and many other topics. You choose the focus, I provide the digest and we can all keep our mothers happy. — Ranger

Board Exam Prep Central 
 Places and resources for studying at the library.    
     Congratulations to those who took the Adult Echocardiography board exam on July 25. We got to know many of you as you studied with us. It's no secret that we have lots of resources to help you prepare for board exams, certifications, and myriad other tests. Resources include books, DVDs, CDs, and access to online exam preps. We have the popular DVD lecture series for the upcoming boards for Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology, Interventional Cardiology, and Cardiovascular Disease. And if you have board exams in other specialties, such as Pediatric Cardiology, Vascular Surgery, or Nuclear Cardiology, we have resources to help prepare for those too. Just ask any of us for assistance in locating them. We're here to help. — Gregg

Brainstorm on a big notepad at the Library.

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Space to Collaborate 
     My first week of Algebra II, our teacher Mr. Mayer gave us some very valuable advice. "Sometimes, in order to solve your problem, it helps to draw a picture. But if you're trying to figure out the value of x and that is John's age, don't draw a picture of John!" It turns out that Mr. Mayer was certainly right – it really does help to scribble out your thoughts while you're brainstorming. Use the new giant notepad on the LRC wall to map out your thoughts (markers provided). Drop by and follow Mr. Mayer's advice and draw and discuss to your heart's content (no pun intended). — Shab   

Sonya Fogg, Manager     ♦     Sara Ranger, Coordinator of Library Services
Gregg Doty, Library Assistant     ♦     Shab Vakil, Student Worker
Dr. Patrick J. Hogan, Director     ♦     832-355-9560

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