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February 2015 Vol. 16, No. 1

 Get That Body Moving!

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Finding time to exercise can be tough. I used to take my son to a "Mommy & Me" yoga class on the weekends. But now that he's a toddler, he's more interested in the contents of the other mother's purses than doing poses. So I started doing yoga at home with him. He loves trying to imitate me, and he's getting pretty good at it. He's turning out to be quite the little yogi! Even just 20 minutes of yoga makes me feel better. I try to take him for walks or even just lift some weights while we watch TV. Every little bit adds up!


         CSH protocolsprotocols coverstem cell protocols



Now Available – Research Protocols Collections

Several of the Current Protocols series are available through the TMC Library, including what we used to call “the red book”. Current Protocols in Molecular Biology.

New to the TMC Library collection are the Cold Spring Harbor Protocols, complete with links to recipes for buffers and solutions.

You also now have access to Springer Protocols, which contains over 26,000 protocols, including Methods in Molecular Biology. Individual Methods in Molecular Biology chapters are easily accessible through their citations in PubMed (with your TMC Library login and password).

All of these collections can be found through a search for “protocols” on the TMC Library databases page (, click on Search Resources then Databases).

If you haven’t set up your TMC Library account yet, give us a call.



All About That Embase

speakers Is MeSH getting you down? Try Embase, a comprehensive, indexed database of peer-reviewed biomedical literature similar to Scopus and PubMed/Medline now available through the TMC Library. Embase indexes more than 2,700 journals not covered by PubMed/Medline. It also includes conference abstracts, including AHA and ACC scientific sessions from the past few years.

Embase uses the rich Emtree vocabulary to give you more precise search results than you can achieve with PubMed or Scopus. It is a great resource for preparing systematic reviews and tracking drug and medical device information.

To access the database go to, click on Search Resources and you will see EMBASE. Log in with your TMC Library ID and password. To get a preview, try this quick tutorial.



Texas Heart Institute Researchers Publish Over 30 Papers a Month

journalsWe keep an eye out for papers authored by THI staff and affiliated THI professional staff, checking PubMed, Scopus, Embase, and Google Scholar on a monthly basis for new papers. Browse the list of THI Publications from 2006 to present at this link. We also have the THI Collected Papers from 1974 – 2005 in our print collection.






Stop by the Library & LRC. We have what you need to get your research done.

2781 books
980 CDs and DVDs
39 current print journal subscriptions
2 print newspaper subscriptions
43 places to sit
16 computers for trainees and staff to use for research
10 computers for classroom training
13 different classes (all are also available by request)
2 scanners
1 photocopier/scanner/printer
2 super-helpful, friendly, librarians with formal PubMed search training and the know-how to track down almost anything!

Happy Heart Month from the library. Best wishes to you and your family for a heart-healthy 2015.


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