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Update 14-1 (Summer 2014)
Events and donor recognition for friends of Texas Heart Institute.
Support by Level of Giving
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We are delighted to acknowledge all donations to the Texas Heart Institute, yet we are also pleased to provide an extra measure of recognition for those who give—many consistently—at the following levels. Gifts are from February 1, 2012, through June 30, 2013. 

Texas Heart Institute Donors

CENTURIONS $100 – $499

Abraham and Connie Abdalla 
Mr. and Mrs. Max M. Addison 
Mr. Jesus A. Aguilar 
Mr. Michael Alexander 
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Anderson 
Mr. Tony Arcangeli
Ms. Stephanie M. Asher  
Mrs. Betty Babovec
*Bank of America
   Phillip M. Dodson
Ms. Minnie Lou Bagley
Blaze and Jada Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Balagia
Rick Banks
Mr. Joe E. Banneyer 
Mr. and Mrs. Lee D. Bannister 
Barron and Adler, LLP 
Joyce and Edward Bayersdorfer 
Mr. and Mrs. J. Currie Bechtol 
Mr.and Mrs. Victor G. Beghini 
Mr. and Mrs. J. Bem
Ms. Isabel Benson
Mr. Harold Melmuth Berg 
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Bernhard 
Wendy and Andy Bernstein
Ms. Lydia M. Besteiro 
Ms. Peggy B. Blocker 
Mr. and Mrs. Sanford H. Blum 
Ms. Betty Lou Blumrosen 
L. P. and Charlene Bordelon 
Mr. David L Boyer
Mr. and Mrs. Ludwig Brand 
Mr. and Mrs. Shaun Brennen
Ms. Maureen Brenner 
Mr. James H. Brewster 
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Brient 
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Broocks, III 
Mr. Richard Lowell Brooks 
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Brown 
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Burck 
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Burdine 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Butler 
Bob and Cindy Byers 
Mr. Ben J. Cagle 
Charles D. Cagle 
Mr. Richard J. Callaway 
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald T. Cambio 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Cannella 
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Cannon 
Mr. Pierce E. Cantrell 
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent F. Capozza 
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Carson 
Mr. Gonzalo Ceron 
Ms. Eileen Cersonsky 
Chronis Family 
Mr. and Mrs. Don Chumley 
Dawn E. Cline 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Codispoti & Family
Mr. and Mrs. Ottavio M. Codispoti
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph D. Cohen 
Timothy K. Colgan, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Lynn W. Conine 
Mr. John L. Cook 
Mr. H. Talbot Cooley
Mr. and Mrs. Dale H. Corbin 
Mrs. Almeria T. Cottingham 
Ms. Pat Covington
Mr. Terry N. Crane 
Ms. Kim De La Cruz 
Ms. Mary Anne Culpepper 
Mr. James E. Cunningham 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Curran 
Dr. and Mrs. Joel Cyprus 
Mr. Donald P. Dampf 
Alexandra B. Davis 
Ms. Zoraide S. De Grau 
Mrs. Linnet F. Deily 
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew S. DeNicola 
Ms. Jeanette Dennis 
Mr. and Mrs. Collins DeVilbiss
Diggs Construction, LLC 
Mr. Charles Dixon 
Terri and Steve Dome 
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Douglas 
Dr. and Mrs. Michael John Drosjack 
Ms. Nancy S. Dunlap 
Mr. and Mrs. Adam T. Dunn 
Mrs. Estelle Shepherd Dunn 
Dr. and Mrs. Herbert L. Dupont 
Richard and Sandra Dush 
Mr. Doug Duwe 
Mr. J. H. G. Eason 
Mr. and Mrs. Gus K. Eifler
Mr. Ramsay M. Elder 
Mr. Glen J. Ellis 
Elnita McClain Women's Center, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Thomas Eubank
Brian and Donna Felker 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Ferley 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Fertitta 
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Fields 
Mr. Frederick G. Fischer 
Ms. Lynn Fisher 
Pat and Liz Fleming
Mr. and Mrs. Earl D. Fly 
Mr. and Mrs. E. Gerald Ford 
Mr. and Mrs. George C. Francisco, III 
Mrs. Lois Rauch Frankel 
Mr. Michael Franks 
Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Friedlander
Mr. J. Murphey Frost   
Ms. Yihong Gao 
Mr. Henry Garcia
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Gautschi 
Ronny and Betty Gee
Mr. and Mrs. Ronny S. K. Gee 
*Gerber Foundation
  Roy Joe Moon 
Mr. and Mrs. John Gillies 
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis H. Gissel 
Mr. and Mrs. John V. Glass 
Mr. Greg Golian 
Ms. Mary Frances Gonzalez 
Mr. Robert E. Goodfellow 
Dr. and Mrs. Alfred S. Goodman 
Mr. and Mrs. Jace Goodnight
Annette and Dan Gordon
Mr. Travis Gordon 
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Gracey
Mr. James H. Greer 
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory L. Gregg 
Mr. James Barth Gregory
Dr. Gail and Mrs. Jenard M. Gross 
Mr. Lawrence R. Gross 
Mr. and Ms. Jay C. Grubb 
Mr. Dewuse Guyton, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Haas 
Mr. William Fred Hagans 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Hanson 
Mr. and Mrs. Carl D. Hare 
Ms. Frances Harmon 
Mr. Ray W. Harris
Mr. and Mrs. B. G. Hartley
Dan Hayes 
Punkin and Walter Hecht 
David and Kay Hedges
Marianna and Dan Hendricks 
Dorene and Frank Herzog 
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Hicks 
Mrs. Eleanor M. Hill
Mr. Randy Hiriart 
Mr. T. S. Hoch 
Arlene and Marshall Hoffman 
Ken Hoge 
Mr. and Mrs. Ned S. Holmes
Dr. and Mrs. Richard E. Honaker 
Mr. and Mrs. Howard C. Homeyer 
Thomas Leland Hopkins 
Mr. Caryl A. Hopmann 
Mr. Robert Horowitz 
Ms. Charlene Horton
Dena and Don Houchin
Reverend and Mrs. William C.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Mike House 
Wesley Howard 
Mrs. Evelyn E. Howell 
Mr. Alton H. Huelsebusch 
Hughes, Watters & Askanase LLP 
Gloria Hunt 
Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Hussey 
Mrs. Brenda Levy Hutchings
Mr. Charles L. Hutchins 
Admiral and Mrs. B. R. Inman 
Ross I. Jackson (deceased)
Mr. and Mrs. Peter K. Jameson 
Ms. Mozelle Jeffrey 
Dennis G. and Deborah H. Jenkins
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis G. Jenkins 
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Jennings, Jr.
Mr. Eugene Johnson 
Mr. Curtis W. Jones 
Mr. Harold D. Jones 
Mr. James M. Jordan
Kansas Kiwanis Foundation, Inc. 
Mr. and Mrs. George T. Karpos 
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis R. Kayem 
Ms. Sidney S. Keeler 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kellner 
Ms. Kathleen Kerker 
Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Kincade, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon L. King 
Daniel T. Klebek
Mr. Daniel T. Klebek 
Robert and Anna Ruth Klein
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Klein 
Ms. Jacquelyn Klein-Brown 
Mrs. Ines I. Kochman 
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas C. Kolupanowich 
Recie Kraemer 
Ms. Marita Kyriasoglou 
Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Lambert 
Linda and Jim Landers
The Honorable and Mrs. Bob Lanier
Ms. Suzy Lanier 
Ms. Joann Lary 
Patrick C. and Diana G. LeBlanc 
Vei-Vei Lee 
Ms. Courtney Leeser 
Sherry and Bill Lent 
Leonard Cattle Company 
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Levin

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce M. Levy 
Kay and Joel Levy 
Caroline H. Lewis
Mrs. Flossie B. Lewis
Mrs. Caroline H. Lewis 
LGM Finance Company 
Estate of Elsie Lieskovsky 
*Linn Energy LLC
   Kyle McNight
Mr. Donald C. Linton 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Lipari 
Ms. Lynne Lipsitz 
Ms. Tammy K. Lobaugh 
Norma K. Lokey Memorial Fund #2
at the Lutheran Foundation of Texas 
*Macy’s Foundation
   Enid R. Robinson 
Col. Don Mafrige 
Mr. and Mrs. David Malaer 
Mr. William Mandell 
Bobby and Yvonne Maricle
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby G. Maricle 
Gerald and Myra Marsh 
Mr. William Edward Martin 
Mr. and Mrs. Selestino M. Martinez 
Mr. and Mrs. Emil J. Mateker, Jr. 
Mr. Pierre C. McCarble 
Mr. Cornelius J. McCarthy 
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas McClung 
Mr. and Mrs. Royce McConathy 
Mr. Michael S. McCord 
Barbara McCullough 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. McDade
Mr. Thomas R. McDade 
Ms. Lily Lou McMurrey
Mr. and Mrs. William T. McNair 
Mrs. Angie I. McNamar and
Mr. C. L. McNamar 
Mr. and Mrs. George A. McNeill 
Mr. and Mrs. Bill J. Mehrens 
Memorial Hermann Hospital System 
Gregory N. Messner, D.O.
Dr. Angelo Miele 
George Stuart Miller, MD 
Mr. and Mrs. Gus H. Miller, Jr. 
Joan B. Miller 
Mr. and Mrs. John Miller 
Mr. Sterling G. Miller
Mrs. Suzanne Miller 
The Arnold and
Suzanne Miller Foundation 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Mitchell
Mr. John Montgomery 
Montrose Restaurant Associates, Inc.
Roy and Norma Moon 
Mr. and Mrs. Timmis J. Moore 
*Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
   Monica Woodward
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Morse
Gary and Louise Moss 
Mardelle and Sam Moyers
Mr. James Victor Muck 
Ms. Debbie Muller
Mr. Jan L. Mundorff
Mr. Michael D. Murphy
Ms. Sally M. Murray 
Mrs. Dorothy Jo Nachlas 
Debbi and Ross Nager 
Nashville Aquatic Club 
Maggie Naslserraji 
Betty A. Natalie 
Dr. Viswa Nathan 
    Sara L. Leslie
Mr. Mike Newton
John Nichols 
Mr. Ron Nixon 
Mr. Jesse V. Noland, Jr. 
Mr. and Ms. Roger Norwood 
Mrs. Audrey Jean Nuss
Mr. and Mrs. John T. O’Banion, Jr.
Marge and Bob Ober 
On-X Life Technologies, Inc. 
Mr. and Mrs. Dee S. Osborne
Parker Hannifin Corporation Gulf 
  Coast Seal 
Mrs. Jean V. Peddie 
Friends at Petty Family Interests 
Mr. Boone Pickens 
Mrs. Marilyn M. Pirner 
Ms. Carolyn G. Porter
Ms. Jean Pozin 
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Price 
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Proler 
Mr. Gerry Pugil 
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Quick 
Mr. Jack Waide Rapp 
Ms. Janet Rasmussen 
Michael Raso 
Ms. Lila Rauch 
*Raw Materials Corporation 
  James M. Smith
Mr. Frank Thomas Rea 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Reese 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Reeves 
Charles and Jean Reeves
Ms. Sue Roadarmel 
Barbara and Corbin Robertson, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Robin 
Mr. Carlos Rodriguez 
Mr. and Mrs. Orlando Rodriguez 
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Rogers, Jr. 
Jean M. Romig 
Mr. Glen Rosenbaum 
Mary Julia Ross
Mrs. Mary Julia Ross 
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Rubenstein 
Mr. Ronald W. Rucker 
Mr. and Mrs. George Barron Rush, Sr. 
Mrs. Bessie N. Russum 
Mr. Hamad C. Safady 
Mr. Mario Salinas 
Mr. and Mrs. Amnon Sandler 
Sorin Sarateanu, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Sauer, Jr. 
Ms. Cynthia McGehee Sauls 
Ms. Myrna Bregman Schaffer 
Mr. and Mrs. Gus A. Schill, Jr. 
Herman J. Schultz, MD 
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Seiders 
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Selzer 
Herbert M. Seybold, MD
Mrs. Joyce B. Sharp 
Mr. Tommy Shelton, Jr. 
Michael P. Siegenthaler, MD 
Col. Gary H. Silence, USAF (Ret.) 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Sillis 
Mr. Donald Silverman 
Simonton and Kutac, LLP 
Jim and Merrilyn Skelton 
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Ames Smith 
Harold and Robbie Smith 
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Smith 
Nancy and John Snyder Foundation
*Spectra Energy Foundation  
    Howard C. Homeyer
Southside Bank
Ms. Renee E. Spolane 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Stankovich 
Mr. Cliff Stein 
Danae Stephenson and Martin Pike
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Stevens 
Mrs. and Mr. Jed A. Stever 
Terrell and Carol Street 
Dr. and Mrs. David B. Strong
Mr. Christopher Sumers 
Mr. Adam Sumrall 
Mr. and Mrs. David Swank 
Ms. Denise Sylvester
Stephen Szatmari 
The Confidential Group
Drs. Heinrich and Gabriele 
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Taylor, Jr.
Texas Cures Education Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Bill M. Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. James Tidwell
Mr. and Mrs. Reed Tinsley
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Trabulsi 
Ms. Bettie Traeger 
Rona and L.A. Train 
Cecilia Trevino
Ms. Grace C. Trimm 
Dr. and Mrs. Byron E. Tsusaki 
Max and Doris Tubb
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Tyree 
United Way Of Central New Mexico 
Mr. Michael Urban 
Tony and Donna Vallone 
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy L. Van Ackeren 
Dr. and Mrs. J. David Vega 
Mr. and Mrs. Louis D. Vincent 
Milton L. Wagner, MD
Mr. David Boardman Warren 
Ms. Martha Warren 
Mr. and Mrs. S. Conrad Weil 
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall L. Weingarden 
Weinstein Spira & Company, P.C. 
Eunell Weissinger 
Wells Design/Jerry Jeanmard, Inc. 
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Werlin, Jr. 
Ms. Sara E. White 
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie D. Whitley 
Mr. and Mrs. Bobbie Wiggins 
Ms. Vicky Wight 
Mr. Eric Williams
*The Williams Companies, Inc. 
    Isabel Benson
*The Williams Companies, Inc.
    Mary B. Whitfield
Mrs. Betty D. Willson 
Mr. John C. Wilmore 
Mrs. Luvola H. Wisneski 
Mr. and Mrs. Craig S. Wolcott
Mr. George S. Wong 
Nancy K. Wood 
Ray Woodburn 
Mr. Andrew Wooley 
Mrs. Ann Wright 
Don Wukasch, MD 
Mr. Richie Yap 
Mrs. Barbara S. Young 
Mr. and Mrs. John Zandy
Mr. and Mrs. John N. Zeiders 
Mr. and Mrs. Jack B. Zimmermann Ms. Sharon Zinn
Ms. Irene D. Zoch 

FRIENDS $500 – $999
Dr. and Mrs. Phillip R. Adams 
Mr. and Mrs. Victor C. Alvarez
Alan L. Aronson 
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Marvin Atlas
Mr. and Mrs. Luis A. Ayala-Parsi 
Bruce E. Barnum, MD
Dr. Earl and Lovie Beard 
Mr. H. W. Bell 
John and Eva Bird 
Dr. and Mrs. Meherwan P. Boyce 
Mrs. John E. Bradshaw, Sr. 
Mr. Jim J. Brewer 
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Broughton 
Richard J. Callaway
Shirley and Clifton Caldwell 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Codispoti
Mr. and Mrs. Ottavio M. Codispoti
  & Family
Mary and Keith Cohn 
Dr. and Mrs. William “Billy” Cohn 
Dr. Nicholas and Libbie Couper
Dr. Barry and Wallis Davis 
The Denton A. Cooley Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Craddock, Sr.
Mr. Tom Depping 
Mr. and Mrs. Galen Dino
Mr. Justin Dixon 
*Duke Energy Corporation
    Coleman A. La Master  
Mr. Lyle Eastham 
Ms. Lynn Eastham 
Carolyn and Chuck Edmonds 
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie B. Ellison 
Cissie and Dillon Ferguson 
Mr. Jim Ferguson, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Alan S. Finger 
Mr. Hugh A. Fitzsimons 
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Fourticq 
Mr. and Mrs. Larry E. Glasgow 
Cory and Tom Glenon 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Griffin
Neil and Kathleen Hamburger 
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Hardeman 
Mr. and Mrs. David T. Harvin 
Ms. Mary Jo Hatfield 
Dina Stephenson and John 
Mr. and Mrs. William Tom Ingram
The Jacobs Family
Mario O. Kapusta, MD
Mr. Richard Keeton 
Ms. Keri Michelle Kimler 
Ms. Jane C. Kingsbury 
Mrs. Warren C. Kingsbury
Drs. Tomas and Marcella Klima 
Mr. and Mrs. Morton Large 
Mrs. Elsa G. Laurel 
Mrs. Frann Gordon Lichtenstein 
Marc N. Longo, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Homer Luther, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Q. Joe Machac 
Dr. Michael and Sophia Macris 
Dr. and Mrs. Hari R. Mallidi
Barry & Rosalyn Margolis  Charitable Trust
Mrs. Patricia Maunder 
Mr. Michael S. McCord
Marilyn and Stephen Miles
Mr. Sterling G. Miller 
Mr. John Montgomery
Denton and Celina Murphy 
Ms. Margery J. Muskar 
Mr. Irwin Muskat
Linda and Pavel Petrik 
Dr. and Mrs. W. Stephen Phillips
Mrs. Bobbie Reese 
Ms. Becca Felber Reichenberger 
Drs. Shirley Ann Riggs and Ervin Brown 
Mrs. Hilary Rochelle 
Dr. Patrick and Cherie Roughneen 
Mr. and Mrs. Nolan Ryan 
Dr. Robert and Kay Salem 
Mr. & Mrs. Rodney J. Sands 
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Shannon, Jr. 
Dr. LeRoy and Adelle Shaw
*Shell Oil Company Foundation
    Gwyn M. Thorn
Dr. and Mrs. Ramachandra R. Sista 
The David James Smith Family 
Mr. and Mrs. Bennie C. Smith, III 
Mr. Gary Smith 
Dr. and Mrs. R. Thomas Solis 
Mr. Robert W. Spencer, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Stepczyk 
Carole Keeton Strayhorn 
Mr. John David Swope 
Symonds Foundation 
Ms. Suzanne R. Taylor 
Mr. and Mrs. Max W. Tubb 
Dr. and Mrs. Richard M. Vigness 
Sam C. Weber, MD
Molly M. and Dan G. Webster III Charitable Fund of the San Antonio 
  Area Foundation
Dr. George Younis and Dr. Ketti Awad 
SPONSORS $1000 – $4,999
*AIG Matching Grants Program
   Marie Large
Mr. and Mrs. Aron Amato 
Amegy Bank of Texas 
Ms. Barbara Amelio
The American Society of 
  Extracorporeal Technology
Ronald and Joyce Antes 
Mr. and Mrs. Van Henry Archer, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Aspromonte 
Ruth and Edward Austin Foundation 
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Baker, III 
Dr. and Mrs. Robert T. Baldwin 
Mahmud Bangash, MD
*Bank of America
   Philip M. Dodson
   Joel B. Ruby 
Bank of Houston 
Dr. and Mrs. Bernard Barrett 
Elaine and Thomas Bauman 
The Eugenia and Lawrence A.
  Bertetti Foundation 
Shelley and Lew Brazelton
*The Brown Foundation, Inc.
   William M. Mathis
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas V. Burford 
Mr. William F. Burge, III 
Clay M. Burnett, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Edwin Campbell
Cardiology Consultants of Houston LLP
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Chambers 
Dr. and Mrs. Chu Huang Chen
Ms. Jane Chesnutt 
Charles F. and Rita A. Collard 
Betty and Bill Conner 
Dr. and Mrs. Edwin Cook
The Denton A. Cooley Foundation
Mr. H. Talbot Cooley  
Mr. Charles H. Corley 
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Coselli 
Maurice Cox 
Mr. Robert J. Cruikshank 
John Daugherty Realtors
Joe E. Davis Foundation 
Mr. Tim Debner
Jennifer Del Prete, MD 
Mr. and Mrs. Galen Dino 
Richard Dixon and Nancy Grason
Dr. and Mrs. J. Michael Duncan 
Mr. John M. Dunsmoir 
Mary and David Duplantis 
*Duke Energy Foundation
   Coleman A. La Master
Mr. and Mrs. H. John Durrett, Sr. 
Jackie and Larry Durrett
Dr. and Mrs. MacArthur A. Elayda 
Mrs. Emily Embrey 
Estate of Dorothy H. Rothschild
Mr. and Mrs. John Kirby Ewing 
Aubrey and Sylvia Farb Family Fund 
Mrs. Diane Lokey Farb 
Mrs. Anne F. Farish 
Drs. Sayed and Conceico Feghali 
Robert K. Franklin, Jr. Foundation
Fraternal Order of Eagles Grand Aerie
Mr. and Mrs. J. Kent Friedman 
Mr. Alex J. Fuller, Jr.
Mrs. Carol Funk 
Bridget and J. Mark Gidley 
Global Healthcare Alliance, Inc. 
Mr. Robert C. Grable 
Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Gurwitz 
Mr. and Mrs. Tom L. Hail 
*Halliburton Company
   Jesse Manuel Avina
   Thomas Henderson
   Dale Jamison
   Furman Kelley
   Christopher Sumers
   Glenda Wylie
Neil and Kathleen Hamburger
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Hammonds 
Milton and Joan Hanks
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Boyd Heath, Jr. 
Adelaide A. Hebert, MD 
Mr. and Mrs. Norman R. Higgins 
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Hirsch
Marnie and Lee Hogan
Ken Hoge
Mr. and Mrs. Ned S. Holmes 
Ned S. Holmes Charitable Fund 
Mr. and Mrs. Rand Holstead
Carrie and Howard (deceased) Horne
Mr. Richard J. Horvath 
Ann and Jim Hund 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Hurwitz 
Mr. and Mrs. William Tom Ingram 
The JBD Foundation 
Mr. Fabian Emil Jendrusch  
Mr. and Mrs. Raleigh W. Johnson, Jr. 
Mr. Lenoir M. Josey, II
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Kaplan   

Kelli Kickerillo and Todd ForesterMr. Michael A. Koch
Mr. Coleman A. La Master
The Honorable and Mrs. Bob Lanier
Ms. Brigette Larson
Leachman Cardiology Associates, P.A.Mr. and Mrs James H. Lee 
Dr. and Mrs. Scott A. LeMaire
The Lester Foundation 
Ms. Suzanne C. Levin & Family
Linbeck Family Charitable Trust 
George B. and Irene Lindler
Dr. and Mrs. James J. Livesay 
Mrs. Margene West Lloyd 
Ms. Martha Katherine Long 
Mrs. Betty A. Lunsford 
Mrs. Rosemary K. Lykos 
Mrs. Silvia MacRobert 
Marathon Realty Advisors LLC 
Mr. R. Stan Marek 
R. Stan and Reinnette Marek
Howard and Millicent Mason 
Mr. and Mrs. William N. Mathis
Barbara and Marc Mattsson
Mr. Ralph T. McElvenny, Jr.
Joan and Michael McGee
Mrs. Patricia B. McMahon 
Drs. Deborah Meyers and John
Bonnie and Frank Michel 
Arnold and Suzanne Miller
  Charitable Fund
Mr. Sterling G. Miller
Mockingbird Restaurant Inc. 
Montrose Restaurant Associates, Inc. 
Mr. and Mrs. Dan J. Moran, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Rob Neblett 
Mr. Jean Neustadt, Jr. 
Mr. Charlie H. Odom
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Opalka 
The Oshman Foundation 
Dr. and Mrs. David A. Ott 
Pappas Restaurants, Inc. 
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Penn 
Mrs. Joyce M. Pinkerton 
Mr. Jay H. Plotkin 
Mr. Herman Proler 
The Edward and Ellen
  Randall Foundation 
Dr. and Mrs. Ross M. Reul 
Ms. Regina J. Rogers 
Doris and James Ross
Estate of Dorothy H. Rothschild 
Drs. Mary Ella Round and A.J. Marian 
Mr. Thomas A. Roupe 
Debra and Joel Ruby 
Mr. Carlos B. Saenz
The Samuels Foundation 
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher B. Sarofim 
Ambassador and Mrs. Arthur
Ms. Barbara Schmidt
Kamal S. Sheena, MD 
*Shell Oil Company Foundation 
   Richard J. Horvath
   Gwyn M. Thorn
Mr. and Mrs. Roland E. Sledge 
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Smith 
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Smith 
Bob and Vivian Smith Foundation 
Spagnoletti & Associates 
Mr. Richard Spencer 
Ms. Marcia N. Strauss 
The Tabor Family Fund 
Dr. Doris Taylor 
Jacqueline Hamilton Taylor and
William S. Taylor III 
Mr. and Mrs. Willard U. Taylor 
Paul B. & Frances Lenora Terry Jr.  
  Family Foundation 
Texas Children's Hospital
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene H. Vaughan 
Leslie and Eric Wade
Wall Street Journal 
Robert P. Walmsley, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Brian L. Walton 
The Diana & Conrad Weil, Jr.
  Charitable Foundation 
Mr. H. Warren Whitehead 
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Wilder 
Mr. Wallace S. Wilson 
Wortham Insurance & Risk
Lorraine and Ed Wulfe 
Drs. Edward T. H. Yeh and
Hui-Ming Chang 
Dr. and Mrs. Jeff Young 
Henry and Anne Zarrow Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Ziomek
Dr. Leopoldo Zorrilla 

PATRONS $5000 – $9,999

The Adler Foundation 
Stanford and Joan Alexander Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Stanford Alexander
Richard H. Anderson and
R. Michelle Beale 
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Arnold, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Morris Atlas 
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Ballard 
Beaumont Iron and Metal Corporation
Mr. Tom Bivins 
John B. and Dianne Brock 
Bud Light/Silver Eagle Distributors
Mr. and Mrs. R. Trent Campbell
Mr. and  Mrs. R. Trent Campbell, Jr.   
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew B. Civitello 
The Robert and Jane Cizik Foundation
Rose and Harry Cullen 
Mrs. Bond Davis 
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Martin Davis, Jr. 
Diamondback Management Services
Mr. Charles Dishman 
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel R. Dodson, III 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Duncan, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Duncan, Sr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon R. Erikson 
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Evans, II 
Susie and Don Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Larry David Fallek 
Jerry and Nanette Finger Foundation 
Mr. Marvy Finger 
Dr. and Mrs. O. H. “Bud” Frazier 
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred L. Friedlander 
Mr. George B. Geary 
Mr. and Mrs. Julius Glickman
Meg Goodman and Mike Bonini
The Greentree Fund 
Hall-Garcia Cardiology Associates, P.A. 
Mr. and Mrs. Henry R. Hamman 
Hodges Fund at the Community
  Foundation of North Texas 
Harvey R. Houck Jr. and Patricia W. 
  Houck Foundation
Houston Endowment
Inpatient Infectious Disease 
Bahman and Susan Jahanian 
Jason’s Deli 
Elva J. Johnston Foundation 
Mrs. Ann Wier Jones 
Mr. and Mrs. Don D. Jordan 
The Joan and Marvin Kaplan
Mr. John W. Kelsey 
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent D. Kickerillo 
Mrs. William S. Kilroy, Sr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Klein
Mr. Philip Koshy 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kuhn 
Lawrence Family Foundation 
Estate of Mac Leichtman
Mrs. John R. Less 
Mr. Irvin L. Levy and Mrs. Joan
  Schnitzer Levy
Judith M. and Irwin L. Levy
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Lummis 
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Margolis 
The Rodney H. and Judy E. Margolis
Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Marks 
The Marks Charitable Foundation 
The Robert and Janice McNair 
Mr. D. Bradley McWilliams 
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Miles
Beth and Charles Miller 
Mrs. Martha H. Miller 
Monte and Sally Miller 
Steven and Sheila Miller Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. S. Reed Morian 
The Nutting Foundation 
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Peterkin, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Pilmer 
Patty and Bill Porter 
Porter & Hedges, L.L.P. 
Mr. and Mrs. Cullen Ramsey 
Mr. and Mrs. Risher Randall 
Dr. and Mrs. George J. Reul 
Mr. and Mrs. Lee D. Schlanger 
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Shapiro 
Marc and Jeri Shapiro Family
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Sheedy 
Singleton Associates, P.A.
Southwest Cardiovascular Consultants,
Spagnoletti & Associates
St. Jude Medical, Inc. 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Tate 
Mr. and Mrs. Dean E. Taylor 
Terumo Cardiovascular Systems Corporation 
John and Karen Thompson 
Jack and Catherine Threet 
The Herbert A. Train and Anne Swiff 
  Train Endowment Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Christian Heide Trask 
Tutcher Family Foundation
Ms. Carlisle Laura Vandervoort 
Mr. and Mrs. Roswell F. Vaughan, III
The Voyles Family
The Weingarten Schnitzer  Foundation,
Mr. Tom Wilkins 
James T. Willerson, MD 
Mr. Wallace S. Wilson
Cyvia and Melvyn Wolff 
BENEFACTORS $10,000 – $24,999
Mr. Robert M. Ayres, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Beamon 
Muffet Blake 
BMC Software
Briargrove Pharmacy Inc. 
Ms. Elaine Amacker Bridges
Dr. Rex and Vicki Bushong 
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Carmichael 
Mr. Morton A. Cohn 
The Coneway Family Foundation 
Rose and Harry H. Cullen
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Dannenbaum 
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Daugherty, Jr.
Mrs. Linnet F. Deily
Houston Endowment 
Mrs. Jan Ellis Duncan 
The Lillian H. and C.W. Duncan
Paige and Tilman J. Fertitta 
Mr. Alfred C. Glassell, III 
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Grimes, II 
Mr. and Mrs. Jenard M. Gross
Heart Exchange Support Group, Inc. 
Margaret Mellon Hitchcock Foundation 
Jastrow Foundation 
Nancy and George Jewell, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Francis S. Kalman 
Ms. Suzanne Klein 
Mr. Nile Randolf Lestrange 
Max & Rochelle Levit Family
Milton & Lee Levit Family
Linn Energy LLC 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Linn 
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney H. Margolis
The Ralph H. and Ruth J. McCullough
Ms. Edna Meyer-Nelson 
Steven and Sheila Miller Foundation 
Nancy and Lucian Morrison 
Ms. Rita R. Odom 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Poulos 
Mr. and Mrs. T. R. Reckling, III 
Wilhelmina E. (Beth) Robertson Fund
David Rubenstein, PhD and 
  Martha Braniff
Nelson Rusche Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher B. Sarofim
The Brown  Foundation, Inc.
Mr. Fayez S. Sarofim 
Ms. Una Savoie 
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas W. Schnitzer 
Shackouls Family Foundation 
The William A. and Madeline Welder
  Smith Foundation 
Thoratec Corporation
Tidewater Inc. 
The University of Texas System 
Dr. and Mrs. W. Darrell Willerson, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. John Wright
Lynn and Oscar Wyatt, Jr. 
Carolyn and John Young 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Zilkha 
PHILANTHROPISTS $25,000 – $99,999
Mr. and Mrs. John Adkins
The Alkek and Williams Foundation 
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Markley Crosswell, III 
The Ellwood Foundation 
  *EOG Resources, Inc. 
Donald F. Textor
Estate of Linda K. Finger 
Ray C. Fish Foundation 
The Fondren Foundation 
Alexander Goldstein, Sr. and
  Willie Mae Goldstein Foundation 
Meg L. Goodman and Mike Bonini
The George and Mary Josephine
  Hamman Foundation
Lynne and Joe Hudson
Mr. Marvin P. Kimmel 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Klein
Mr. John W. Lyons, Jr. 
Marathon Oil Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Matthews 
The Walter M. Mischer and
  Mary A. Mischer Foundation 
The Mulva Family Foundation 
Nau Foundation 
Pearce Industries, Inc. 
RGK Foundation 
Mrs. Hilda Rich (deceased) 
Mr. and Mrs. A. Nelson Rusche 
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene B. Shepherd, Sr. 
Stewart & Stevenson LLC
Thoratec Corporation 
Mrs. Myrna G. Wansik 
Mr. and Mrs. Perrin W. White
The Abercrombie Foundation 
MD Anderson Foundation 
Apache Corporation 
Laura and John Arnold 
The Brown Foundation, Inc. 
Bryant Bridge of Hope Foundation
Cameron Corporation 
The Cullen Trust for Health Care
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Daugherty, Jr.
Charles and Melissa Davis 
John S. Dunn Foundation 
The Elkins Foundation 
William Stamps Farish Fund 
Tilman & Paige Fertitta Foundation 
Patsy and Greg Fourticq
Mrs. Clare A. Glassell 
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Grant 
The Hamill Foundation 
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Heller 
Lynne and Joe Hudson
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent D. Kickerillo 
Kinder Foundation
Mr. Irvin L. Levy and
Mrs. Joan Schnitzer Levy  
Mr. and Mrs. Meredith J. Long 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Matthews
James and Linda McIngvale & Family
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. McNair
The Robert and Janice McNair
John M. O’Quinn Foundation 
Fred and Mabel R. Parks Foundation 
Mr. Bob J. Perry (deceased) 
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Petty, Jr. 
Mr. James D. Pitcock, Jr. 
Estate of Georgia A. Remeny 
The Sarofim Foundation
The Virginia and L.E. Simmons
  Family Foundation 
The Vivian L. Smith Foundation
St. Luke’s Episcopal Health System
Surgical Associates of Texas, P.A.     
   Denton A. Cooley, MD
   Jennifer Del Prete,  MD
   J. Michael Duncan,  MD
   O. H. Frazier, MD
   Charles H. Hallman,  MD
   James J. Livesay, MD
   David A. Ott, MD
   George J. Reul, MD
   Ross M. Reul,  MD 
Mr. Donald F. Textor
Topfer Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Leon Toubin 
Frederick M. Weissman Revocable
Estate of Isabel Brown Wilson 

*Matching Gift Program

Our goal is to express our gratitude to all those named in this issue and to list each of our valued contributors accurately. Donors of $100 or more from February 1, 2012, through June 30, 2013, appear in this section.  

We are grateful for these contributions and for all gifts to the Texas Heart Institute. Despite our best efforts, however, errors sometimes occur. In that event, we would appreciate being notified at 832-355-3792.

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