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Giving Priorities

Your heart, our minds; together we save lives.

You may designate your donation to be applied toward one of four specific funds at the Texas Heart Institute:

Research Fund: The discovery of new knowledge to improve patient care and to prevent cardiovascular disease is the motivating force in everything the Texas Heart Institute does. THI is recognized nationally and internationally for its important contributions to the discovery of new knowledge, and support from the private sector has played a key role in making these advances possible. Physicians and scientists at THI work tirelessly to unfold the mysteries of nature and disease, to understand the mechanisms at work, and to envision solutions that will ultimately lead to effective treatments. 

Major areas of research include the following:

  • Global Leadership in Adult Stem Cell Research
  • Unrivaled Experience with Mechanical Assist Devices
  • Understanding the Biomolecular Mechanisms for Cardiovascular Disease
  • Nonsurgical Treatment for Heart Disease
  • Imaging the Heart
  • Electrophysiology—The Power Grid of the Heart
  • Leading Regenerative Medicine Research

We will learn as much about heart disease in the next 10 years as we did in the last 100. Through gifts to the Research Fund, donors will provide the stability that will make a substantial impact on cardiovascular diseases now and in the future.

Read more about THI's Research Programs.

Education Fund: The Texas Heart Institute's commitment to education is one of the dimensions that sets it apart from other major centers. Postdoctoral and allied training programs, seminars, symposia, conferences, publication of scientific and clinical findings, training materials, and public outreach are all part of the Institute’s educational thrust.

Major areas of educational programs include the following:

  • Reaching Out to People
  • Sharing Knowledge
  • Improving the Skills of Heart Specialists

We must continue to provide people around the world with reliable information about cardiovascular disease, associated risk factors and healthful lifestyles. It is also imperative that continue to train succeeding generations of heart specialists and arm current physicians with the latest information. Gifts to the Education Fund will allow THI to sustain its current array of programs and to introduce new programs.

Read more about THI's efforts in Education.

Greatest Need Fund: Visionary science and education are only part of the equation. Each year, funding priorities to maximize potential life-saving research and to improve educational programs are identified. Most gifts and grants received are for designated research and education programs. As welcome and necessary as these gifts are, they do not address the ever-growing need for financial flexibility. 

Gifts to the Greatest Need Fund will enable THI to strengthen areas of excellence, to fulfill more completely the Institute’s mission and to advance the progress against society’s oldest enemy.

Endowment Fund: According to a recent article in The Wall Street Journal, the health and size of an endowment is an important indicator of the financial health and long-term focus of a nonprofit organization. The Texas Heart Institute has the lowest endowment of other cardiovascular centers ranked among the top ten by U.S. News & World Report. THI continues to rely to a much greater degree than its peer institutions on annual philanthropy and government grants. 

Gifts to the Endowment Fund will provide the seed money necessary to launch new programs that offer the greatest promise of future benefit, to further strengthen its faculty of researchers and to purchase up-to-date equipment for scientific studies. Gifts to endowment will impact permanently the progress against heart disease by establishing a solid and predictable base of annual funding, independent of annual donations and government support. 

 Gift of Lady Bird Johnson
Gift of Lady Bird Johnson
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Contact Information

Find out more about how you can help us conquer heart disease once and for all. You may contact the Development Office at 832-355-3792 or by our online form. We welcome the opportunity to provide detailed information about Texas Heart Institute programs in research and education and ways you can help.


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