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Professional Staff
Professional Staff Directory
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Texas Heart Institute
Professional Staff:
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Professional Staff Directory

The Texas Heart Institute Professional Staff consists of more than 170 cardiovascular surgeons, cardiologists, anesthesiologists, pathologists, scientists, and specialists in related disciplines who are committed to the educational and research missions of the Institute. Many also hold academic appointments at The University of Texas Medical School at Houston and Baylor College of Medicine, providing opportunities for collaborative research and postdoctoral training.

Texas Heart Institute Chiefs of Service



James Michael Anton, MD Chief, Cardiovascular Anesthesiology 
L. Maximilian Buja, MD
Chief, Cardiovascular Pathology Research
Joseph S. Coselli, MD Chief, Adult Cardiac Surgery
Charles D. Fraser Jr., MD Chief, Adult Congenital Heart Surgery
O.H. Frazier, MD Director, Cardiovascular Surgical Research
David A. Ott, MD Surgeon-in-Chief
James T. Willerson, MD President Emeritus

Texas Heart Institute Special Programs



Paolo Angelini, MD  Medical Director, Center for Coronary Artery Anomalies
Andrew B. Civitello, MD
Medical Director, Heart Transplant Program
Stephanie A. Coulter, MD  Director, Center for Women's Heart & Vascular Health; Associate Director, Non-Invasive Cardiac Imaging;
Director, Cardiology Education
Reynolds M. Delgado, III, MD Medical Director, Mechanical Assist Devices in Heart Failure
Richard A.F. Dixon, PhD  Director, Wafic Said Molecular Cardiology
Research Laboratories
R. David Fish, MD  Director, Interventional Cardiology Research and Education;
Co-Director, Center for Heart Valve Disease
O.H. Frazier, MD  Director, Cardiovascular Surgery Research; Co-Director, Cullen Cardiovascular Research Laboratories
Patrick J. Hogan, MD  Director, Learning Resource Center; Co-Chairman, Medical Education Committee
Zvonimir Krajcer, MD Co-Director, Peripheral Vascular Disease Service
Deborah Ellen Meyers, MD
Medical Director, Heart Failure Programs
Wei Pan, MD Director, Cardiovascular Anesthesiology Research
Emerson C. Perin, MD, PhD Director, New Cardiovascular Interventional Technology;
Director, Clinical Research for Cardiovascular Medicine
Mehdi Razavi, MD Director, Electrophysiology Clinical Research
Luiz Sampaio, MD
Co-Director, Cullen Cardiovascular Research Laboratories
Robert J. Schwartz, PhD Director, Stem Cell Engineering; Co-Director, Heart Failure and Stem Cell Research Laboratory
Guilherme V. Silva, MD
Director, Structural Heart Disease Program
Raymond F. Stainback, III, MD Medical Director, Non-Invasive Cardiology
Doris A. Taylor, PhD
Director, Regenerative Medicine Research

The Texas Heart Institute was founded by Dr. Denton A. Cooley in 1962. Its location in and affiliations with CHI St. Luke’s Health - Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center and Texas Children's Hospital assured that all age groups would be treated and freed the Institute of the burden of financing a health care facility.

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