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Marilyn Riggle "It’s a great life."

Like many heart transplant patients, Marilyn Riggle attributes her cardiomyopathy to a virus. She was evaluated and put on the inactive transplant list for a couple of years, and when put on the active list, she received her donor heart within seven weeks. By that time, she spent 95 percent of her time in bed. She had the good fortune at that time to be able to cook her meals by microwave, her children were off at school, and a cleaning lady came in to help her with household chores.

Dr. Denton Cooley visits with Marilyn Riggle and her husband, Bob. Dr. Denton Cooley visits with Marilyn Riggle and her husband, Bob.

She was teaching in Houston when her heart problems started and retired with her husband to Fredericksburg not long afterward. She has maintained an active life since her heart transplant and takes joy in every day.

"Presently I work at the hospice two mornings a week. I work out at Curves and participate in the retired teachers organization and the Texas Education Extension Agency, which supports the 4H Club. My husband and I have also been active for years in the Creative Alliance which puts on the local Oktoberfest activities here. And of course, I’m very involved in my church work," said Mrs. Riggle. "It’s a great life."

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