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The Ray C. Fish Award for Scientific Achievement

Ray C. Fish (1902-1962) was a leading figure in the natural gas industry and a philanthropist. Mr. Fish believed in the American dream of “opportunity for success.” The Ray C. Fish Foundation was established so that others might be encouraged to broaden man’s self-knowledge and to keep the American dream alive. After its founder’s death from heart disease, the Fish Foundation granted $5 million to make the Texas Heart Institute a reality. For this reason, the Institute’s highest professional award is given in honor of this extraordinary man. The award recognizes those whose innovations have made significant contributions to cardiovascular medicine and surgery.

 Delos (Toby) Cosgrove, MD recieving the Ray C. Fish Award from Denton A. Cooley, MD, Charles Fraser, MD, and James T. Willerson, MD
Dr. Delos Cosgrove (left) receiving the Texas Heart Institute Ray C. Fish Award from  Dr. Denton A. Cooley, Dr. Charles Fraser and Dr. James T. Willerson (right).

Recipients of the Texas Heart Institute
Ray C. Fish Award for Scientific Achievement

1972 Norman E. Shumway, MD
Cardiovascular Surgeon
Pioneered the heart transplant operation
1973 F. Mason Sones, Jr., MD
Developed coronary angiography
1974 Eugene E. Braunwald, MD
Developed techniques for myocardial preservation
1975 Willem J. Kolff, MD
Cardiovascular Surgeon and Researcher
Known for his work in developing artificial organs
1976 Harvey Feigenbaum, MD
Developed echocardiography
1977 John W. Kirklin, MD
Cardiovascular Surgeon
Fabricated and used one of the first heart-lung machines for open intracardiac repairs
1978 Bernard Lown, MD
Pioneered the use of devices, including the defibrillator and cardioverter, to regulate cardiac rhythm disturbances
1979 John J. Gallagher, MD
Worked with Dr. Will Sealy to develop methods to correct Wolff-Parkinson-White (pre-excitation) syndrome
1979 Will C. Sealy, MD
Cardiovascular Surgeon
Performed the first successful surgery for Wolff-Parkinson-White (pre-excitation) syndrome
1980 W. Procter Harvey, MD
Renowned for his ability to diagnose and treat heart disease and for his ability to teach
1981 Paul M. Zoll, MD
Made discoveries that led to the development of pacemakers
1983 Andreas R. Gr�ntzig, MD
Developed percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA)
1984 Hein J.J. Wellens, MD
Developed reproducible methods for studying cardiac rhythm disturbances and the effects of various therapies on arrhythmias
1984 Douglas P. Zipes, MD
Renowned for treating cardiac arrhythmias, including sudden cardiac death
1985 Denton A. Cooley, MD
Cardiovascular Surgeon
Pioneered numerous surgical treatments for heart disease, including implantation of a total artificial heart, heart transplantation, repair of left ventricular and aortic aneurysms, and palliation of congenital heart disease
1986 William J. Rashkind, MD
Pediatric Cardiologist
Developed a nonsurgical method to treat transposed heart vessels in infants
1987 Dwight E. Harken, MD
Cardiovascular Surgeon
Performed the first successful intracardiac surgical procedures
1988 J. Willis Hurst, MD
Edited and contributed to The Heart, a widely used cardiology text
1989 Robert J. Hall, MD
Known for his ability to teach the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease
1990 Sol Sherry, MD
Pioneered the use of thrombolytic therapy to treat blood clots
1992 Arthur S. Keats, MD
Cardiovascular Anesthesiologist
Developed methods to make heart surgery safer for children and adults
1997 Aldo R. Casta�eda, MD, PhD
Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgeon
Advocated early (neonatal) repair of complex congenital heart defects
1997 Julio C. Palmaz, MD
Invented the first successful intravascular stent
1998 Sir Magdi Yacoub, FRCS
Cardiovascular Surgeon
Pioneered heart–lung transplantation surgery
1999 Thomas J. Fogarty, MD
Cardiovascular Surgeon
Developed numerous medical and surgical devices for treating cardiovascular diseases
2004 James L. Cox, MD
Cardiovascular Surgeon
Developed surgical techniques to definitively treat atrial fibrillation
2004 Stephen Westaby, BSc, MS, PhD, FRCS
Cardiovascular Surgeon
Initiated first clinical trial of axial-flow devices for destination therapy and made significant contributions to the scientific literature based on his extensive surgical experience.
2007 Charles E. Mullins, MD
Pediatric Cardiologist
Known for his dedication to teaching and his pioneering work in developing interventional techniques for treating congenital heart.
2008 O.H. Frazier, MD
Cardiovascular Surgeon
Recognized for his contributions to the field of heart transplantation and his pioneering efforts in the research and development of the LVAD.

James T. Willerson, MD

Honored in recognition of his contributions to the understanding of the development and identification of unstable atherosclerotic plaques, the mechanisms responsible for acute coronary syndromes, and for his seminal work with cardiac stem cells.
2010 Charles D. Fraser, Jr., MD
Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgeon
Recognized for his program known worldwide for its excellence, its creativity and its ideal outcomes in correcting congenital cardiovascular disease in children.
2011 Patrick W. Serruys, MD, PhD
Interventional Cardiologist
Recognized worldwide for major contributions to interventional cardiology and for the development of a drug-eluting stent.
2012 George J. Reul, MD 
Cardiovascular Surgeon
Recognized for his long and meritorious career as both a surgeon and a medical educator.
2013 Alain G. Cribier, MD
Recognized for his outstanding contributions to interventional cardiology.
2014 Sir Terence English, KBE
Recognized for establishing the internationally renowned heart transplant program at Papworth Hospital near Cambridge, where he performed Britain's first successful heart transplant in 1979.
 2016 Delos (Toby) Cosgrove    Recognized for scientific achievements, contributions to healthcare quality and delivery.

Dr. Terence English accepts the 2014 Ray C. Fish award from Dr. James Willerson and Dr. Denton A. Cooley.

Sir Terence English accepts the 2014 Ray C. Fish award from Dr. Denton A. Cooley (left)
and Dr. James T. Willerson (right)


Dr. Willerson and Dr. Cooley present Alain Cribier the Ray C. Fish Award

Dr. Alain Cribier, MD (center) is presented the 2013 Ray C. Fish Award by Dr. James T. Willerson (left), president and medical director, Texas Heart Institute;and by Dr. Denton A. Cooley, MD, president emeritus, Texas Heart Institute

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